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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dress Card

Whoohoo! I posted something on this blog site! LOL! I was inspired by SCS's Saturday's Inspiration Challenge IC1119 - Candy Toss to create these dress cards although I'm not uploading these two cards on SCS because there's no stamping on these cards.

I did make 3 of these dress cards that involved stamping on my Stampin Inspirations blog site which I did upload to my SCS gallery.

I have not done any SCS challenges for about a year and I decided I'll start challenging myself a bit. I'm sort of bored with my own stuff! LOL!
I need to step out into the world. I've been much too sheltered.

Anyway, if you want the template to this dress, visit my Stampin Inspirations blog site for the template.

The designer used for this dress was K&Co and the big alpha chipboard is also by K&Co. The "love" 3D sticker is by EK Success, the daisy brads and ribbon is by Making Memories. I created the scallop doodle using Sakura souffle opaque pen.

Just another dress card using K& Co designer paper. The baby 3D sticker is also by K&CO. The ric-rac ribbon is by Making Memories and I don't know who the maker of the satin/organdy ribbon.

I really don't like how I designed this dress. The stripe green scallop in front of the dress suppose to have been an "apron". Not sure I like the way it looks. Should I remove it?

Anyway. . .if you want to create this dress card be sure to stop by my Stampin Inspirations blog site for the template.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's All About Me. . .Scrapbook Layout

Hi Everyone!! Okay. . .I'm sort of cheating. . .I made this layout for my stamp and scrapbooking blog site a few weeks ago because I don't have any new stuff to post on this blog site. LOL!

I hate the idea of neglecting this site because I haven't had the time to craft anything new.

For my stamp and scrapbooking club, this was the "scrapbook layout" challenge. . .what was the challenge? To create a "It's All About Me" 12 x 12 layout.

All of the materials used for this layout was created using Close to My Heart Products except for the ribbons: "Life's Delight Level 2 Paper Packet, Cocoa/Sweet Leaf/Blush cardstock, Just Blooms Big Pinks (paper flower), Craft Buttons in Key Lime, and Bigger Brads. You can find all of these products if you check out my Close To My Heart Website - the link is located on my right sidebar. Check it out!!

Anyway. . .I created this layout myself and this is the sketch if you want to try it out!!

This picture was taken about 2 1/2 years ago. . .when I was skinny. Add about 20 lbs and here I am today. . .LOL! I wish I was skinny again. It would be nice to fit my nice Banana Republic slacks. . .I love those slacks but I can no longer fit them. Whaa! One day. . .it'll happen!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Friday!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Surprise! I finished a book! LOL!

One of my resolutions this year is to "finish" a book at least once a month. I started with "Atlas Shrugged" but the book is so long, I just could not remain focused enough to complete it and the words were so tiny. LOL!

I'm a little disappointed that I did not have the patience to finish off the book. My husband is disappointed that I ended up turning to a "gossip", "celebrity" bio. Yup, I decided to read Valarie Bertinelli's new book after seeing her promotion of the book on "the View".

I thought. . .okay, this book will definitely keep me entertained that's for sure. And. . .the book did not disappoint in the "entertainment" value!

I read the book in one sitting. I'm usually the type that needs to finish a book within several sittings or I will never finish it. I think I read this book within 3 hours. After reading the book. . .honestly, I felt a lot better about myself and my life. Valerie's life was way more messed up than my life could ever be. Gosh, her marriage to her husband Eddie Van Halen was not pretty. I've heard of tumultuous marriages but wow, her marriage was INTERESTING to say the least. After reading the book. . .if at any point I look at my own marriage and find flaws in it, I just have to think back to Valarie's book and be grateful that my marriage is actually quite great by comparison. LOL!

I actually love Valerie's candor and downright honesty about herself, her self-image, her marriage, and even her sex life, or lack of it. There's lots of cussing in this book and I guess that is the way she talks in real life. . .no problem, I've heard people cuss far worse than she does. It may be disturbing to others who are very sensitive but lemme' tell yah, I've seen the most "innocent" looking, "church-going" people cuss like sailors so I'm was not turned off by the her "cussing" quite a few times in the book.

Is the book inspirational as far as weight loss is concerned? Not really. I'm happy that she lost the weight because I surely need to lose weight myself and if she can do it with all the struggles that she's been through, surely I can lose weight too. Yeah, right!! It's more like listening to a friend tell me that she lost weight through Nutri-System or Jenny Craig. . .which is great but not very inspirational.

By the way, I'm on the Nutri-system diet myself and boy, it's hard to eat that stuff on a daily basis. I can go on several days of it and need to go on a break for a few days. I did lose a few pounds and I definitely could lose more if only I could stop taking the weekly breaks in between! LOL!

Anyway. . .do I recommend this book? Yeah, I do. Why? Because there's a lot of juicy stuff in this book. I can hardly believe that anyone would remain married for 20 years considering how lousy it was. I would have hung myself by then! Kidding! I would have been out the door in 10 years if I was Valerie! Instead she wasted 10 additional years being immensely unhappy. If there was anything inspirational in this book, I would say. . .if your marriage is as lousy as hers, GET OUT while you're still sane! LOL!

I don't recommend it if you're looking to read literary work from a Pulitzer prize winner. . .you definitely will not find it here! If you like fun, entertaining, juicy gossipy book. . .this book is for you!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hope Card

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday to y'all. Just a card I made this morning. I thought the "hope" chipboard sticker was a great sentiment for a card. I have a lot of chipboard stickers or stickers in general and really would like to use them up. I also have a lot of Primas so I think I need to concentrate on using them up.

The sticker is by K&Co as well as the paper. The cardstock are SU Gable Green and Creamy Caramel. I used JoAnn Brads to secure the Prima flowers.

I'm not quite back from my blog break but I think I'll be able to post regularly again sometime this week.

Until later!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blog Break!!

Hi Everyone! Thank you to my blog friends and readers for visiting my blog site. I'm going to take a blog break. I have a few things that I need to take care of and have been putting them off for some time now. I need to get them taken cared of before it gets to be too daunting of a task! Anyway, I hope y'all will still be here when I return.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Sunday and I'll see y'all later. . .