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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blog Vacation & Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones. Thank you for being such great blog readers, blog commenters, and blog friends!!

I just wanted to let you know that I'm on a blog vacation because we're spending Thanksgiving and the weekend at Yosemite!!

I'll be posting pictures of our trip on Stampin Inspirations if you care to view them!!

See you when I get back!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Noel Card

Hi Everyone!! Wow, it's been almost a week since I last posted on this site. I've been busy working on a few rubber stamping projects on my other blogs so i didn't have the time to create any scrappy projects but I decided to allot some time to create something for this blog!!

Hey. . .I've been a really good girl!! I haven't bought any designer paper for almost a month! No way! Yup!! I also haven't bought any new embellishment. Actually this chipboard images and alphabet was the last item I bought. It's a package of DCWV Chritmas chipboards.

I've noticed that I've been primarily making 5.5x5.5" square cards lately. It's because there's a larger area to add more things. Sometimes it's hard to fit embellishments like alphas and large images on a 4.25 x 5.5" card.

Do you see the silver cord? Well I wanted to create something different so I tied bows on the cord. . .they sorta look like flowers. I like it because it's something I've never done before.

Anyway. .. if I don't post on this blog. . .it's usually because I have obligations for my two other blogs like my stamp club and my design team obligations but I'll make an effort to squeeze in some time to make some scrappy projects!!

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!!

Card Details:

Papers: My Minds Eye designer paper, SU Baroque Burgundy, Speckled White cardstock
Accessories: Fiskar Cloud Scissors, DCWV Christmas chipboards, Organdy ribbon, Silver cord

Paper Craft Planet

Hey Everyone!! I just wanted to share this new website for paper crafters! If you haven't heard of it yet. . .well, click on the links below and come and see what's going on! There's a lot of stuff going on and what's great is we can all interact with one another! So fun!!

Don't forget to add me as your friend!!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Card over a Card Card! LOL!

Hello Everyone!! I haven't posted here for a few days! Gosh, it was a busy day today . . .I cleaned the house all day because we had guest over earlier this evening. I actually cleaned the house thoroughly. Imagine that! I even cleaned our wood floor! LOL! Too funny! Our floor isn't dirty because we don't walk with our shoes in the house but I'm happy that I mopped it anyway. It's so clean, you can eat off of it. Just kidding!

Anyway. . .just a simple card that I made a week ago and forgot to post. I had cut the flower out using a template (I think). Honestly, I can't remember. I know it can't be a punch so I must have used a template. This is what happens when you don't post your cards right away. . .you can't remember how you created the card.

I stamped some swirly image on to the flowers then layered them then topped it off with a Prima flower and rhinestone flower.

Anyway. . .I had a few 3.x3" cards that didn't come with any envelopes. It came from a scrapbooking value pack. Because it didn't come with envelopes, I decided to attach it to a 5.5 x 5.5" square card used it as a card over a card sort of design.

I stamped a sentiment on the inside of the 3.x3" card.

Anyway, nothing much else to talk about today. Maybe I'll be more chatty next time!

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!!
Card Details:

Paper: CTMH, Colorbok 3x3 card, SU Certainly Celery, Orchard Opulence
Ink: SU Certainly Celery
Accessories: Flower rhinestone (JoAnns)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quicky Christmas Card

Hi Everyone! Happy Veterans Day! Just a quick post for today. I made this card a few days ago. Just a simple card. . .my attempt once again to use up my Prima flowers. Gotta use them up so I can buy more. LOL!

I don't know if you notice something funny about my card but. . .I just realized the designer paper's orientation is upside down. Notice in the right top corner. . .the deer and the dove is upside down!! LOL! Don't you just hate that!

Anyway. . .nothing much to say about this card. I think the only thing I want to mention is the sentiment. . .I typed it out on my computer. It's a fast and easy way to create sentiments for your cards! Try it out. . .it's much cheaper than "buying" stickers or trying to find just the right sentiment for your cards!

Card Details:

Paper: My Minds Eye designer paper, SU Baroque Burgundy, White
Accessories: Prima flowers, White buttons, Martha Steward Border Punch, Organdy ribbon

Friday, November 07, 2008

CASE'd My Own Card Again

Happy Friday, Everyone! It's been several days since I last posted. . . .gosh, time flies so quickly. Is it because I'm having fun or that I'm getting older? I wonder. . .does time fly faster when you're older? When I was in my 20s or even younger, I don't recall time flying this quickly. I'm sure I was having fun back then but I always remember wishing that Friday would come quicker. Now, I wish it was still Monday. Funny, how that works, huh!

Remember on my last post, I said that I CASE'd 2 cards because a customer wanted me to recreate cards I made and posted a long, long time ago! Like I said, I don't typically duplicate cards because usually I don't have a bulk of similar papers and embellishments. So In this case, I had to do a few modifications to my original card. My original card is the first card at the top.

This card to the right is the CASE'd card. As you can see, the paper and few of the embellishments are different but the basic layout and design is the same.

I couldn't find the stamp that I used for the first card so I had to use a different sentiment stamp. I dug through a pile of sentiment stamps and could not find the stamp that I used for my original card.

That's another reason why I don't like to duplicate my cards. . .many times, in order to create the same card, I have to dig through all my stuff to look for the original materials that I used. It's a pain in the you know what to do that so argggh! I'm not the most organized individual, therefore, it takes longer to recreate a card than it is to randomly make a card. If you know what I mean. . .

Anyway, I hope y'all have a fabulous Friday. I hope today will be a productive one! I haven't been very productive lately.
Until next time!!

Card Details:

Stamp: Michaels $1 stamp
Paper: DCWV Fall Stack, Beige, Green, Burgundy cardstock (unknown)
Accessories: Cuttlebug die (flowers), Jolee's By You, Scallop ruler (unknown), Making Memories Eyelets, Organdy Ribbon

Monday, November 03, 2008

CASE'd My Own Card

Hi Everyone!! For the past cards I've posted, I thought something was odd about the quality of my pictures. . .sort of grainy. Well, on Friday, my daughter asked me to drop off her camera to school because she forgot to bring it (the exact same camera as mine) and I couldn't find it in her room. While in my craft room, I realized I had 2 cameras and lo' and behold, one of them was my daughter's camera. For the past few weeks, I was using her camera which is on a lower quality setting. Now it makes all the sense in the world. I couldn't figure out why the pictures looked the way they did and I was beginning to think it was blogger that was having a problem.

Anyway. . .now to my card! I actually CASE'd one of my old cards because I had a customer who wanted me to make the same card for her. Do you know I don't like recreating my cards because many times, I don't have the same materials so I usually don't agree to duplicate a card. Well, I agreed anyway. Luckily, I found similar materials that I could recreate the card.

Are you the same way? I rarely make duplicate cards. . .when I do, it's because I know I have the materials available to make more than one or two duplicate cards.

I also made another card that this person requested. . .again, I CASE'd a card I made months ago. This time, I didn't have any of the materials that were on my original card but I made it as close as possible as the original card. I'll post it next time.

Card Details:
Papers: DCWV designer paper
Accessories: Ribbon (Michaels), Heidi Swapp heart chipboard, Fiskar scallop border punch, JoAnn metal/vellum tag, JoAnn heart brads

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Hi Everyone! I actually made this card a over a week ago but had forgotten to post it! Just a simple quicky card . . .I'm not sure I even like this card! Maybe that's the reason why I didn't post it right away.

What's with my title? Well. . .I decided to make a declaration and a promise to myself that I won't do the following things!

  • I will not buy any more designer paper for at least 6 months.
  • I will not buy any more ribbon for one year.
  • I will not excessively buy rubber stamps unless I intend to use them within the same month I bought them. Did you note that I said "excessively". LOL! I cannot promise to not buy "any" stamps, just not buy them "excessively". Too funny!
  • I will use more of my scrapbook embellishments on all my cards so I can get them down to a reasonable pile.
  • I will use at least one "scrap" designer paper on every card I make from now on.

I have more that I should list but I cannot commit to them so I'll leave my list the way it is. I sometimes look through all the stuff I have and I feel a little ashamed that I still buy more. I'll tell you a story about why I think I buy a lot of "paper products". . .

I grew up as an only child and although I had loving parents. . .it would get lonely and boring at times being by myself. . .especially on rainy days or at night when I can't play with my friends. I had this thing about collecting notebooks and filler paper. Seriously. You know, those regular filler paper that you need for school.

My paper obsession started at a young age. I recall when I would get bored or lonely, I would write, write, write. . .basically, write about nothing. When I got a little older, I began using them to write journals. I would write about anything and everything about what ever was on my mind. I had kept my journals until I was about 24 years old. . .after I got married, I was afraid that my husband would read how pathetic I was growing up so I threw them all away.

I also had a bad experience of leaving a box of journals at my parents home and a relative got hold of one of my journals and told my parents of the contents. I also had another incident when I had moved in with an Aunt when I was attending college here in California (I'm originally from Hawaii) where she snooped into my diary and arggggh! It was a DISASTER! I was upset at my Aunt for being so mean to me that I wrote my feelings in my diary! Well, that went really bad after she read what I wrote about her. It wasn't really bad stuff, just "honest" stuff. Not realizing she had read my diary, she began commenting on things that I knew I've never expressed to her. I soon realized what happened and well. . .our relationship basically went South from that point on. Eventually, I moved out and lived with a friend.

Since that incident, I actually stopped writing in journals. It was a traumatizing experience to have loved ones read your most deepest thoughts and feeling so vulnerable afterwards. When I do write my thoughts down on paper. . .I throw the paper or rip the page out and throw it in the trash. Besides, I don't like half of the things I write anyway. . .it's usually things that I find so pathetic after reading them on a future date. I'm ashamed I even thought of those things. Okay, they're not "nasty" stuff just "stupid" stuff. . .I would ask myself after reading them later, "sheesh, why did I even think that way. . .such silliness."

Anyway. . .back to my paper fetish. When I got older. . .at the start of high school, I moved on to bigger and greater paper. . .I discovered "stationery" LOL! I would buy them by the boxes. I wouldn't even write or send them to anybody. I just liked having them. Okay. . .now, I'm beginning to sound NUTZ!!

Well. . .fast forward to 4 years ago when I discovered rubber stamping and scrapbooking!! Oh, my GAWWWD!! That was it! My paper dream had come true. . .lots and lots of papers and oh all of them were so PRETTTTTTTY!! Not only did I discover designer papers, there were ribbons, cardstocks, blank books, paper galore! Well, I was in paper heaven. I never knew all these stuff existed! LOL!

Well, 4 years later. . .I've come to the realization that I have over collected and hoarded my stuff like they'll all one day "poof" . . .disappear. I just like knowing I have a lot of them whether I use them or not. I mean it's not unusual for me considering I've been doing this all my life but now I'm beginning to wonder if I should see a shrink about this? LOL! I mean it's ridiculous.

Anyway. . .that's my story. By the way, it's 4:00 in the morning. . .I woke up early and I thought, wow. . .this will be a great opportunity to blog so here I am telling you my twisted story of my paper fetish!

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!!