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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Video Tutorial 5 - Mini Brag Book Scrapbook Album

Warning: There is music with this video. Please turn down your volume or use the video knob to adjust the volume as needed. It's a nice classical music and it goes well with the video. Click the "pause" button on the video player to read the instructions as you watch the video. Sorry for the poor lighting on the video.

Hi Everybody!! How was everyone's Christmas? Hope y'all had a great time! It was a nice Christmas for us. I actually got EVERYTHING I asked for considering I asked for only one thing! LOL! I got the 72 set Copic markers. Yay! But wait. . .my husband not only got me one set. . .he got me ALL of the sets! HOLY COW! That's nuts! I almost fainted when I opened my box. Afterwards, I was like. . .I really didn't need all of the colors but hey, I'm not complaining. I also got a flat screen TV/DVD player for my craft room, a new craft desk, a digital camcorder and a photo light box.

Anyway. . .check out the tutorial. I know the video is a bit dark but I didn't realize it was so dark until after I was done with the tutorial. Keep in mind, the tutorial is speeded up to reduce the time. Who wants to watch a long, long tutorial, right? Again sorry for the poor quality of the video. I'll brighten things up next time.

Here are the two completed mini brag book/scrapbook album that are shown on the video tutorial. It's a cute album. . .approximately 5 1/4" x 4 1/2". It's a great album to send to friends and family. Be sure to check out the tutorial and see how simple it is to make it.

This is the completed album that is shown on the video tutorial. On the video the album does not show a complete version of the album.

This is the first page of the album. This album is a horizontal view. There's a total of 6 double sided pages for a total of 12 pages. I just realized that I created the front cover with a vertical orientation. Oh well. . .that's okay.

The theme of this album is my daughter and her friends at Ala Moana beach in Hawaii. My daughther was part of a club in school that focused on technology and leadership. They had to design and create a boat using what available materials they had. They then had to race with the canoe in the water. Some canoes sank immediately.

This is a picture of my daughter. She was a paddler for the race but she fell off the canoe and they lost the race but the boat was the most sturdiest of all the canoe entries. I created a small journal to this page as you can see.

No journaling on this page. . .just a picture of my daughter and her friends. Check out the other mini album I created below.

The theme of this album is my cousin's Hawaiian wedding in Hawaii. We all dressed in Hawaiian attire because the wedding was at a Luau. It was so fun because wedding's and funerals, it seems, are the only time that all of my family get together in one place. It was really nice to see everybody.

I wanted the album to be about the
pictures and the journaling. I'm new to scrapbooking so I'm not quite ready to jump into the overly busy, overly embellished albums and layouts. I prefer the simple looking albums right now. Maybe next time I'll do a busy looking album with all the chunky embellishments and such.

Try out the tutorial! Let me know if it's hard to follow. I'm thinking of creating a written version of it for those who may have problem following the video. Stay tuned.


My Paper World said...

These are gorgeous! The colours are fantastic!

pescbrico said...

Hello Maria, this project is just awesome. I'm not sure how you are making your video tutorial but having a list of the supplies with the measurement would sure help getting it done. In fact, having what is writen on the tutorial that we can print and look at would be easy to follow but maybe not easy for you to do. I hope my comment makes sens! I will try this project I,m pretty sure!
Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

2 Worlds said...

Maria see you hocked at videos now !
Great tutorial, thanks for the idea I saw brag books before with the bags from the 4x6 pictures albums that ones from 1$ but this bags also is a great idea.

Becky G said...

Wow! All of the sets of Copics! Your hubby is definitely a keeper. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Sounds like you got a lot of other cool stuff too!
Love the video tutorial! The mini albums are fantastic! Gonna have to give it a try!

Rita said...

Great tutorial Maria! Luv the music, too! These memory albums are fantastic, nice gifts for family, gotta luv that right? So glad you got some great gifts for Christmas, guess you were a good girl!!! You'll have to take a picture of your new desk for us to see!

Lori said...

WOW!!! Your husband is so thoughtful...Well, he must definitely love your creations the same way all your readers do, except he gets to see all of them IRL.

Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I LOVE IT!!!

Happy Holidays to you and your family :)


Anonymous said...

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Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Oh my heavens and stars, this is a gorgeous mini album, Maria. Great tutorial, as always. So glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas. How exciting to have received all the copics, and so many wonderful gifts. DH gave me a stereo for my studio, a melting pot and accessories, and lots more. Isn't it nice to be spoiled?

Heather said...

Beautiful album! Are you going to put an extra insurance rider on the markers? LOL

grandmascraps said...

Maria, Love the video tutorial, but I will need the written directions to duplicate one for myself. Looks like a great way to show off our new paper. Thanks for sharing it. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. BTW, I love Hawaii Can't wait to go back and see more. Gail aka grandmascraps

Michele Kovack said...

This is stunning!!! The colors are so vibrant and pretty!

Unknown said...

OH my gosh.. ALL the COPICS MARKERS.. drool and triple drool! I LOVE my dear Copics!WOW your hubby is soo wonderful! WOW! :) Have you used them yet? How do you like them? Could I ask you what stamps did you use to make that beautiful flower for your Cousin's Wedding? Thank you and I love the tutorial! :)


Anonymous said...

Your albums are beautiful! I love the colors.

Mrs. Nancy G said...