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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Negative Side of Yesterday's Card

Hello Friends! Thought you were looking at the same card from yesterday's post, huh! Well they do look alike but they are different. I used basically similar materials but for the second card, I used the "negative" part of the scallop oval shape from yesterday's card.

I am one who does not like to waste. . . anything. If I can create something with scraps, I'll use every little piece. . .that explains why my scrap pile is HUGE! I don't throw away anything.

I have a special affection for my craft materials. I once told my husband that if we ever got a divorce. . .just let me keep my scrap and stamp stuff and he can have everything else! LOL! Too funny! He can have the furniture and all our material belongings as long as I get to keep my crafting stuff.

He thought I was hilarious. . .but he did promise that he would never take away my stuff. When I tell people about my conversation with my husband. . .they laugh too! I don't know what is so funny about it. . .I mean other women will ask to keep their clothes, shoes, and jewelries. . .well. . .it's the same thing. . . I don't care for those sort of stuff. . .well, except for my Coach and Dooney and Bourke bags - I'll keep those. LOL!

How shamefully materialistic! Aren't we all to some degree?

Anyway, back to my card. . .just the same stuff as yesterday's card. Nothing much to it . I again added beads to the butterfly and dressed up my Prima flower. This time I added a metal hardware. I was just having fun with embellishments. . .which I shamefully have a lot of ! Argghh!

Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend!!


Rita said...

Sooooo beautiful Maria! Thanks for the inspiration to try something different, I'm going to try this one! I luv it! My hubby knows not to take my craft stuff, but like you I want my Coach bag too!

Elena said...

Very beautiful card, Maria! I love your blog! You have so much inspiration! Thank you for sharing your cute and funny at the same time story!!!

Michelle said...

what a great idea to use the negative side. This card is fabulous!

malieta said...

What a fantastic idea Maria....I love the idea of turning a negative into a beautiful positive:)

Claudia Rosa said...

STUNNING cards maria.
you know i love everything what you make.
you and Debbie Olson.. are the ones that i read the blogs the longest :-)

2 Worlds said...

I used to be like this, but after somethings happened today
I dont care about stuff, they are what the name say stuff.
And stuff can be bought again..
Maria you are so creative loved the negative one.

TA Carbone said...

Oh Maria I love your cards and sketch. What a wonderful idea for the upcoming holidays

We waste nothing

aka TA

Nicole said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors and everything. Beautiful.

Mel M. M. M. said...

What a great idea to do the negative version of this beauty. I think that these are like twins and they should be adopted together. They are SO cute! I love the texture and that hit of yellow. Gorgeous! :O)
P.S. I feel for any DH who tries to make off with a Gal's stamp stuff in a divorce. It wouldn't be pretty, LOL.