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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Altered Mixed Nuts Containers - Fall Thanksgiving Theme

Hi Everybody! For several months, I've been collecting empty plastic containers that originally contained mixed nuts and other snacks as well as soup cans. I had set them aside in the kitchen and last week, I noticed they were gone. They were great containers and I was planning to alter them to create decorated snack containers during the holidays.

I asked my husband where he had placed them and he said "oh, the empty containers?". . .I'm like "Yeah! The empty contaners!!!" He's like "well , I thought they were trash and I had thrown them away." WHAT! WHAT! "No way. . .did you just say you threw them away. . .you gotta be kidding me?". . .he's like "yeah, I didn't know that you wanted to keep them". OMG!! I couldn't believe it.. I'm really bummed out that he threw the containers away. I had grand plans for them.

Anyway, here are a few stuff I altered today. I found these two mixed nuts containers that still had the mixed nuts in them. It worked out in the end. I was able to alter something but it would have been nice if I had the empty ones.

I decorated the containers for the Thanksgiving/Fall Season and the soup cans shown above are for Halloween. Looking at the picture, I don't like how the Raffia looks. It looks messy but in person they actually look really nice because it has the essence of the Fall season. I created them really quickly. . .both within an hour. I'll make better ones next time.

If you want a closer look and details of the altered soup cans with the lollipops, visit my Stampin Inspirations blog site. I posted them on my other blog site because rubber stamping is involved.

If I can find other containers, I'll make more of these and come up with something a little prettier.

Until later, folks?


Beth said...

Lucky for us you found some containers. Your jars are cute. The raffia is the perfect touch.

Tina said...

I love your creations!

Angel Wilde said...

My family laughs because they always ask me of they should throw something away before they throw it out. They know I collect everything! I would be upset too. On the other hand, my collection is big enough for both of us. Too bad we are not neighbors!!

malieta said...

Girl....tell your husband that he is in BIG trouble because we missed out on an opportunity to see even more awesome project!!!!
Now to business....I love love love what you did with the containers Maria! I only wish I could alter items like you do. If I was a jet-setter, I would fly to california and have you to teach me.*smile*

Monika/Buzsy said...

Maria, love the theme and the colors... great projects... TFS!

angie said...

Wow, these containers are really cute!! Sorry to hear about the containers being thrown away!!

My Paper World said...

Really great project, I love the raffia!

Deb said...

These are so cute, love the raffia ties and gingham ribbon!

Nancy Grant said...

What awesome creations! You are one talented lady Maria!