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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Happy World Cardmaking Day and Wonderful RAKs

Happy World Cardmaking Day! Sending a card out to someone can really make some one's day and the following cards that I received from such lovely ladies made my day, most definitely!

The card to the left is a card that I received from Kim of "Crafty Me", "My Angel Inspirations" and "Walkin Away The Pounds". Yeah, she's blog happy like me.

I was so happy when I received her beautiful card and what else? Bella images! Wow, I was so happy to receive them. Kim and Tracy of "Tracy's Happy Place" are the absolute sweetest for sending me the Bella images. I love them. Kim card is absolutely funny. You can't see the sentiment but the scale says "don't even go there"! Ha! Thank you Kim for your kindness. Your are absolutely awesome.

This lovely card is from Tami of "Journey to a Healthy Life". She sent me this wonderful card to encourage me on my weight loss journey. Gosh, I was so touched by her kindness. It's really difficult to remain optimistic but these RAKs really help me get through the tougher periods.
Thank you Tami. . .your card is beautiful and you are beautiful.
Okay folks, I'll be sitting making cards all day but first, I need to make breakfast before I start to hear complaints. After that, it's my time! Hope y'all will be sitting down making cards today!
See y'all later!!!


scrapnnMO said...

Love both these cute cards! Awesome job on them both!

Brigitte said...

ohhh that is such a sweet card !! but heyyy you don't look like you need to lose weight at all !! ...which reminds me...haven't been to the gym for 2 weeks !! and...I NEED to go (my journey on weight loss has been good but since my birthday....have put back on 2 kgs !!! naughty naughty !!)
Well all my best wishes for you on this journey then !!

Deb said...

Great cards, Happy World Cardmaking Day!

I have tagged you, please check my blog for details.

Melanie said...

I love your cards!! They're all so beautiful!
Thanks for popping in to my blog!! Nice to "see" you again!!!

Nancy Grant said...

What fun RAK's! I know Kim and she is a sweetie. I have enjoyed your Journey to Skinneyville blog too. You are an inspiration both in health and in stamping.

Thank you,

Rita said...

I luv Bellas, too! You lucky girl you! What great RAK's, yes it is fun to get cards & RAK's in the mail...they have a way of putting a big smile on your face, right? We all luv it!!! Happy stamping!

Gabby said...

Isn't it nice to receive RAK's from online buds? I too got a RAK from Kim and it sure put a smile on my face! I gotta tell you, you are gonna be filled with Bellas because I too just sent you BTW...I've managed to keep off 5#'s since last week! YAY! Let's keep up the good job! Love ya,

malieta said...

Oh is wonderful to receive "happy mail". Your RAK's are beautiful and the stamped Bellas are an added bonus! You are one luck lady:)