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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Project Reduce Scrap Swap

Hi Everybody! These card were made with rubber stamped images but because I haven't posted on this blog site for 3 days, I decided to take cards that I typically would post on my Stampin Inspirations blog site and post some of them on this blog site.

These cards were all put together with "scrap" materials. . .you know, stuff that you throw in a box, the ones that maybe you'll enventually use one day or finally decide to donate to charity.

I'm participating in a swap that Gabby at "Confessions of A Stamper" is hosting on SCS. The swap is to use items in your scrap pile.

I like how the card came out except for the sentiment. The sentiment don't quite match the rest of the card but I couldn't find a good sentiment in my scrap/junk pile. . .this was the best I could find. The swap theme is to use only scrap items. . .not scrapbook items. . ."scrap" items.

I stamped this dog image over two years when I still was using pastels to color my images. I haven't used my pastels like. . .forever. Gosh, two years don't seem too long ago. . .

I put this card together really quickly because everything was already stamped, colored, and cut up.

Although using scraps can be a quick way to make a card. . .it can also be difficult at times. The difficulty arises when you don't have cardstock or colored images that completely match or you have to dig through your junk to match the papers, images, and colors. You spend more time going through your pile than putting the card together.

Wow. . .I really slapped all these pieces together. Seriously, I did. . .I just took pieces of designer paper, cardstock, pre-stamped images and a very old, old, stamped sentiment and put them together. What do I mean by old, old? Way back when I was a newbie stamper.

I kept a lot of the images that I stamped 3 years ago and never used. This was was one of them. It's nice to finally use it. I'm not exactly loving it but I'm just happy that I reduced my scrap pile even by a little bit.

Anyway. . .it's very, very late. I really need to go to bed.

Until tomorrow folks or today that is. . .


Tracy.H said...

Great cards, Maria! What is that puppy's very cute. :0)

pescbrico said...

I hope you had a great night of sleep :) Your cards are great!

Rita said...

Luv your scrap cards! My pile of scraps is getting bigger, I think I'm going to use some of my scraps on candy wrappers & candy kiss holders instead of cutting new paper. Thanks for the light bulb moment Maria!

2 Worlds said...

I'm trying to use more scraps too
and also Try to use the papers I bought instead of buying new ones.
They look great !

Ila said...

All these cards are Fabulous!!..I would never know they were made from scraps...and You were obviously a Super Stamper from the beginning.

malieta said...

I love your "scrappy" cards Maria! To me it is difficult to make a complete cards only from scraps. You pulled it off and your cards are fantastic, the card with the puppy on it is adorable!
p.s. I'm glad to know that you are feeling better:)

----- Alison Mewer Cowan ----- said...

Great Cards! Thanks for the inspiration!

Flossie's Follies said...

These are fantastic, when you use scaps it comes out as beautiful creations, when I do it comes out looking like I was using up scraps. Love the cards.

Ana Baird said...

Fabulous cards!

Nancy Grant said...

That puppy card is so cute! I love them all too.

lisascreativecorner said...

Love these cards Maria!!

BTW, you have been tagged. Here are the rules.
You can go to my blog and read mine.

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chelemom said...

Awesome cards!!! Great way to use up all those scraps!

Corie said...

WOW these are just FANTASTIC