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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Card

Good Evening, Everyone!! When creating a card, do you usually have a plan before you start? Many times, for me, it's pretty random. For example. . .I created the theme of this card because as I was walking towards my craft table, I noticed that the "L" chipboard was on the floor. Rather than putting it away. . .I decided to create a card with that chipboard. That's how I made the decision to make this card.

Anyway, nothing much to the card. I basically tied a ribbon around the chipboard, added a metal tag, placed a sentiment sticker on to the designer paper and tied a ribbon around it. Simple.

Sheesh, I stayed up late,late, late last night. I went to bed about 3 in the morning. Was I crafting? Nope. . .I was watching music videos for several hours on YouTube. Isn't that terrible? But. . .I did have fun.

I love finding live concert videos of my favorite artists. I watched a bunch of concert videos of "No Doubt". I really love Gwen Stefani when she was with her band. She was a unique rocker chick back then. . .but I don't know what happened. She's now more into hip-hop. Nothing against hip-hop music because I listen to all types of music but I loved her best when she was in a rock band.

Anyway. . .maybe I can squeeze in time to create a few cards tonight or maybe not. Weekends are usually my "family" time and if I can squeeze in "crafting" time I try to but it's not a priority on the weekends.

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!!


Rita said...

Cute card! You are brilliant to just pick up the letter & run with creative!!! Wish I could do that, it usually takes me awhile to figure out what I want to do.

Paper Bling said...

Okay, the next time I find an embellie on the floor, I'm gonna create, just like you did. Great idea, and darling card!

Beth Norman said...

Ohhhhh, Maria, I love this card. It is so gorgeous!

2 Worlds said...

What a beautiful card I loved !

malieta said...

I love your card Maria!
Your creativity is endless, and to base your card around the letter "L" is genius!

All Pink girl said...

So stunning brilliant as always ,Dawnx