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Friday, August 01, 2008

Blogger Having Problems with My Stampin Inspirations Site

I can't get on my Stampin Inspirations blog site. I tested to see if other bloggers are having the same problem and there seem to be problems getting on some sites but not others. Hmmmmm. . .I wonder what's wrong. Anybody having the same problem? Can you let me know! Thanks!!


Tracy.H said...

I am having no problems getting on to your blogs. But I know that I had someone last week that could not get onto mine for a few days...not sure only seemed to be her...hopefully yours gets sorted out soon too. :0)

Rachel said...

I had trouble too using IE 6.

But I got in using Firefox just fine.

(I also had this problem with another message board tonight).

Kristi said...

I can see yours, but mine is blocked right now too! I received an email saying it was identified as a potential spamming blog. This happened because they started using a computer algorithm program to catch spamming. I reuqested a review and hope to have it unlocked in the next couple of days. Don't ignore the email, if you get one, becuase if you don't request a review, they will delete it in 20 days!

Hope this helps!