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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Decorations

Well, we finally got our Christmas tree up on the weekend and we even managed to decorate the house. When we moved to California from Hawaii, we sold half of all the Christmas decorations we had to reduce the weight of the shipment of our things. My daughter asked me yesterday why did I sell "our memories". I really didn't think of it at that time but she's right. I sort of regret it but that's okay, we managed to fill the house with decorations even with only half of our decorations. I think too many decorations begin to look a bit tacky anyway.

Here is a picture of our home this year.

Christmas 2006. Funny but our Christmas Tree looks a bit bare compared to previous years. It really looks different in picture. Actually, in real life, the tree looks really decorative. We decorated the house less than we had in previous years. It's just a lot of work and the kids are older and don't seem to appreciate the decorations as much as they used to.

Christmas 2005. The "blue" Christmas. No group picture for this year. This Christmas was our first year in California and I was a little depressed. All of our things were in boxes and I was not in the mood to unpack the Christmas decorations. My daughter's posing for the camera.

Christmas 2004. Our group picture turned out blurry. It was a little sad because we didn't have a clear group picture for this year.

Christmas 2003. Our tree seem to look the same every year. I like this group picture. We dressed up for dinner.

Christmas 2002. I love this Christmas. It was a really Happy Christmas. I love how we decorated the house. I miss the cathedral ceiling at our house in Hawaii.

1 comment:

Sonya said...

What beautiful pictures! Your home is just amazing! I love how you decorate.