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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Camera

Whoohoo! I received a new digital camera. I believe this is my 4th digital camera in the last 7 years. I already had a good HP camera with 5.1 mp but I could never get a clear picture without sufficient light or using the flash which was very annoying especially when taking pictures of my cards. I don't like to use flash when taking pictures of my cards because it distorts the color so I always needed to wait when sufficient light is shining into the house.

Well. . .I took pictures of my cards in low light but with a high ISO and the picture came out clear and beautiful. My husband bought one for my daughter for Christmas because she mentioned she wanted to take a photography class during the summer. Because she's only 15, I decided that it was best that we attend the class together at the community college near our home. She'll receive college credit while learning something new, perhaps one day may become a hobby for her. Anyway, I told my husband that I could share the camera with my daughter or just use my old camera. I really didn't want a new camera because my old camera did what I needed it to do. To make a long story short, my husband bought the camera for me for Christmas also. I was surprised and a bit hesitant about keeping it because I already had a camera.

Anyhow, after taking several pictures - our Christmas tree in the dark, my cards in low light, my daughter, zoom shots, etc. It was a keeper. My other camera could not take a picture of our Christmas tree in the dark with the Christmas lights on. It would always be blurry or unable to focus on the lights and refuses to take the picture. My old camera was more expensive because I bought it when it first came out but my new camera beats it hands down. I can't wait to take pictures with it.

Until later. . .

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