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Thursday, September 20, 2007

OMG. . .Check out what I received in the mail today!!!

My husband brought me the mail today and WOW!! I received some very important things. Important because they were given to me purely out of kindness.

This card is from Tracy from "Tracy's Happy Place". I had mentioned a few post ago that I did not own any "Bella" stamps and she was kind enough to send me a bunch of "Bella" images and this absolutely beautiful card and I mean BEAUTIFUL! The picture does not depict the real beauty of the card in person.

Tracy, I have to say has been so supportive of my weight loss journey. Whenever I felt down and discouraged, I would receive a note from her encouraging me and making me feel better. I cannot express how grateful I am for those little acts of kindness which in my opinion, means more than just a note of encouragement. Thank you Tracy for being such a wonderful person. I will definitely make use of those Bellas.

This card was sent to me from Malieta at "Life's Simple Pleasures". It's a thank you card in return for a birthday card I sent her. She is such a sweetheart and I absolutely love, love her card. As you can see, she is very talented. The picture cannot demonstrate the true beauty of the card in person. Malieta is always there commenting my blog site and believe me, it makes me happy to see her notes whenever she comments. It's very encouraging and makes crafting and blogging so fulfilling.

Thank you Malieta for you kindness. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!

This group of yummy goodies were sent to me from Joyce, a friend I met online. She sent them to me for no reason but "just because". Joyce lives in Oregon and I've never met her in person but she's like a real friend. She loves to do crafting and wanted to share a few of her things with me. Oh wow, she's fabulous! I can't wait to make some stuff with these awesome products.

Thank you Joyce for your kindness. I want you to know that I really, really appreciate your friendship.

I'm so lucky to have met such nice people online. I mean I've never met these ladies in person but their kindness are very apparent. I've never imagined that I could meet such wonderful people all over the US and Canada. Blogging has been such a wonderful experience. Thank you ladies for being such wonderful friends!!

I have to thank these ladies in private later this evening. I have to head out to tennis lessons right now but I just had to show off these AWESOME stuff I received from these fabulous ladies before I walked out the door!!


Jen said...

look at all the goodies you got!! you're loved my dear!! how wonderful it feels to get these sweet goodies, eh?!


Debby Winters said...

WOW! What great cards and goodies! How nice to get surprises in the mail. you lucky girl.

Stampin-MAMI said...

Hello Maria, I am soo happy that you commented me and linked to me, so I am returning the FAV, I have followed your blog for alittle bit but never got around to adding your pages to my links spot, So with that said you have now been added to my page both your pages have been added. I hope we continue to communicate as I am always looking for new ideas and inspirations..

Cuidate, Maria.

and we have the same name YAY!

Tracy.H said...

You are so welcome, Maria! I am glad you liked the bellas.

Have fun with all the new goodies!! Can't wait to see what you great with them! :0)

My Paper World said...

Ohhhh! lucky you, your goodies look gorgeous!

Shannon McGann said...

What great cards & goodies you received!

Thanks for the warning about the names tag on my blog - I hadn't even thought about the banking information - good catch!

Thanks for adding me to you blogroll as well. I hope you don't mind if I return the compliment! I think your work is amazing!

Beth said...

How nice of your friends to send you goodies. You are such a nice person that you simply draw out the good in people. Have fun with your goodies.