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Thursday, September 20, 2007

This One is For You, Jen. . .What the Heck Does "Emo" Mean?

Several people asked me what "emo" meant - referring to the pictures of my daughter in the previous post. I had stated that I was trying to achieve an "emo" look when I took the pictures of her. If you have a teenager, you'll probably know what I'm talking about.

"Emo" technically refer to a genre of alternative/rock music called "emotive" but depending on who you ask, it's become a mainstream reference to "emotional", moody looking teenagers full of melodrama and demonstratively exhibit their feelings through their makeup, clothing, and moody, sad looking faces. For some, they see it as sort of a softer version of "goth".

My daughter loves "garage" non-mainstream alternative music and is not into goth or emotive type of music and she wants to make it clear that y'all know that. So. . .I'm making sure I get the message out.

In the general sense, you can refer to someone as being "emo" if they appear to be grumpy, sulking, or moody. When I'm in a bad mood, my kids sometimes call me "emo". LOL! In the artistic stand point, the "emo" look is also a fashion statement of sort. . .heavy eyeliner, funky clothing, dark hair, and pale faced. It's the suburban white middle class "soft" version of goth. Kids who are not goth but want to dress like them.

Here is a band that is well known to be categorized as an "emo" or "emotive" band when technically, they're not, check it out:

Hope this answers your question. . .have a good day, everyone!!


malieta said...

This was something else Maria. The video had my attention though, cool and funny in some spots.

Jen said...

oh - ok... when I was writing that comment I was thinking it had to do with something like "emotional" like that.... but thanks for clearing that up!!!