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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Random Cards - Halloween

Happy Sunday everyone! Wow, I'm up early for a Sunday. Do you folks go to church on Sundays? I'm catholic but I haven't been to church for such a long time. . .since we moved to California. I'm not sure why we haven't attended church. I feel a little guilty about it sometimes. Nonetheless, I think what matters most is that you live the life following the values or teachings of the bible.

Anyway. . .here's a few more Halloween cards I found tucked away in my drawer. These are "last years" cards. I have a lot of stuff tucked away in my drawers and closet. It's always a surprise, yah know what I mean.

I had stamped the image on to glossy white cardstock and colored the image with pastels and markers. I then covered parts of the colored image with Crystal Effects. Back then I used CE on many of my cards. The problem with CE is that it sometimes changes the color of your image when CE is applied. It takes on the "base" color of the color medium especially with markers.

What do I mean by base color? Well, all colors have a particular hue or tone. For example some reds have a pink tone, orange tone, etc. . .and when you apply the CE, it sort of pulls out the undertone and make the color more orange colored, pink colored, etc.

Anyhoo, hope everyone have a wonderful Sunday. I'm going to sit down and do some crafting before my family gets up and life gets busy again.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Fab cards, the crystal effect looks great