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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Blog Vacation

Hi Everyone! The holidays are beginning to get really hectic so I decided to take a longer blog break. I'll be back blogging in about a week or so. I have a lot of catching up to do so I need to take this break. If I can spare some time, I may post something from time to time. Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!!

See ya' all later!!


malieta said...

Enjoy your blog vacation Maria! This time of year is so hectic and the days are just flying into one another. So, take your time and I can't wait to see your fantastic creations.

Jessica Lynn said...

I don't blame you everyone needs to relax and enjoy the holiday!

Jessica Lynn

chelemom said...

I hear ya with the being busy thing! It is sooo hard at this time of year! Relax and enjoy, we will all be hear when you get back!

BrigitteS said...

Have a good one Maria !! i just moved house and...still re-organizng my stuffs and xmas in few days oh boyyy !! yes, i can understand why it's sooo busy !!
if i don't read you till then, Have a lovelly celebration !! :)

Ila said...

Just droppin in to say Merry Christmas!! enjoy the Holidays!!

2 Worlds said...

Im glad you are back, well we all are going to send things late , but hey
better than not to send them :)