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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!!! Yay! Blog Candy Challenge Day 5!

Happy Birthday to my blog!!! Today is the last day of my blog candy challenge! You have until 12:00 midnight to submit any of the 5 challenges I've posted for this blog site and Stampin Inspirations.

I added not one but two more prizes to the prize bucket. I added the Stampin Up Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon! It's 15 yards long so you'll have a lot of ribbon to play with! Whoohoo! The other prize I added is another clear stamp set by Hampton Arts "Art Warehouse Designs". The set is a tropical theme! Very cute. Okay to sum up all the prizes:
  • 1 stack of K&CO 12 x 12 double sided designer paper - 36 total (the designs are so pretty)
  • 1 Colorbox Petal Paint Pigment Ink pad great for regular stamping as well as heat embossing different colors (very versatile ink pad - love it)
  • 2 clear stamp sets by Hampton Arts. (very pretty designs - I bought each of them for myself too)
  • 1 package of 8 x 11.5" Stampin Up cardstock - last year's "In Colors". (very rare because it's retired - remember cool caribbean, cranberry crisp, true thyme? Love them)
  • 1 Stampin Up Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon - 15 yards (lots of ribbon to decorate your card and projects)
If you haven't participated in any of the challenges. . .it's your last chance. You have at least 12 opportunities to submit your name. Scroll down for the 5 different challenges for this site and stop by Stampin Inspirations for that sites challenges.

Blog Birthday Day 5 Challenge

"Tell me 3 things that you asked Santa to bring you this Christmas"

I actually asked for only one thing this year. . .I asked for:
  • 1 Copic Sketch Markers 72 marker set C
I have an interesting story about this request. My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. . . .

I said: "a copic sketch marker 72 piece set C".

He looked it up on the Internet and saw the price and said "it's $299.00!!! What crazy person would buy markers for that amount?"

I said: "ummmm, me!"

He then said: "but you have a lot of markers, what are you going to do with the ones you already have?"

I said "nothing, I'm going to keep them and still use them".

He said "so why do you need these markers? Explain to me why they are THAT good." Seeeesh, he acted like I asked for a car.

So, I explained to him the typical benefits (interchangeable nibs, excellent color results, refillable, airbrushing, etc.) Furthermore, I explained that Copic Markers are actually not "craft or rubber stamping markers". They're markers primarily used for illustration - many use them to draw amine (Japanese Cartoon), magna (Japanese comic books) and other illustrations such as car design or fashion sketches. I told him that I can use them to draw as well and share the markers with the kids. The kids will definitely love to play with them - they love drawing amine characters.

If I add the kids to the mix, I know he'll get the markers for me.

That's it. . .I didn't ask for anything else for Christmas.

Now it's your turn. . .comment on the 3 items that you asked to receive for Christmas. Name your top 3 high ticket items. Don't be modest. . .wish for BIG things and you may receive it! Santa may be nice to you this year!! You have until 12:00 midnight to submit your comment!

Good luck on the blog candy everyone!


artyfarty said...

Due to just buying our first home together money is a little tight but I have asked santa nicely for these 3 items.
1 Derwent watercolour pencils tin set of 36 roughly uk price £40.00

2. Ipod as my craft room has not enough plug sockets to plug in my music centre and thats a very important part of my crafting ( or a chepaer version i dont mind)

3. paper stacks...I never have enough pretty backing papers.

in monetrary terms not very expensive but for someone on very tight budgets these are elaborate and to be honest if i dont receive any of these but have a good husband a healthy xmas then thats all that matters.

A great challenge and I have enjoyed participating.

Shannon McGann said...

I hope you get your Copic markers! Did you see that Gina K is doing some Copic marker clubs to spread the price out over six months? (check here:

I didn't ask for much for Christmas as I'm a SAHM and we only have one income, so we have to be wise with the money! My wish list for Christmas is as follows:
1. cash for shopping for clothes (I'd just like to get out alone and go shopping!)
2. crop-a-dile
3. shelving/storage for my craft room (this one is really a wish - too expensive right now!)

Cathy said...

On the Copic you might want to check GinaK's site. She is doing a Copic markers club for 6 months and it's around 25.00 a month. This way it will SLOWLY come out of the budget and DH won't even notice. (tee hee)
1. Money so I can't go shopping and buy clothes, shoes, and all that girlie stuff
2. SU Stuff
3. Replace some of containers in my stampin space. I have the cheap ones and the drawers doesn't close all the way...cuz of the weight.
Thanks so much for this fun party that you were so KIND to host.

Sonya said...

I didnt ask for anything..but if I had I would have asked for
2.Silent Setter

I hope everyone gets what they are asking for!

JenMarie said...

Just asked for a cuttlebug, and my husband already got it and gave it to me!!! He's such a dear!
OH YUMMY ~ LOVE chocolate ribbon, and I don't have any of that satin!!

Tracy.H said...

I like your little story...I think my hubby would freak if I ever asked for them! ;0)

My top 3?

*Hanna stamps...All of them!!
*Lizzie Anne - Floral Frenzie
*Gift Card for The Olive hubby and I can go out for a date!!

Hope you get your Copic's!! :0)

Tracy.H said...

I like your little story...I think my hubby would freak if I ever asked for them! ;0)

My top 3?

*Hanna stamps...All of them!!
*Lizzie Anne - Floral Frenzie
*Gift Card for The Olive hubby and I can go out for a date!!

Hope you get your Copic's!! :0)

cmc mom in oh-Laura said...

Oh, if only Santa reads your blog! Ok, you said dream big right...
1. Cuttlebug
2. Cricut...I am a scrapbook consultant and most of my customers have one, but I don't. I guess I can borrow their's...;)
3. Draw my name for a contest I am in for a Harley Davidson and 7 day trip to Hawaii ($10,000) prize. It is a radio contest and there are only about 300-400 names I am guessing. Wouldn't that be awesome under the tree!!!

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Pat S. said...

If I asked for anything for Christmas it would be:
1. a trip to Hawaii
2. a trip to Canada
3. a trip to the Grand Canyon

I would so love to be able to travel more :)

Peggy Maier said...

Gosh that's easy -
1. Hanna Stamps
2. Penny Black Stamps
3. gift certificates to anyplace that sells stamps!
Hope You get your Copics!

malieta said...

Hi Maria!
Usually my husband just gives me money for Christmas. However if I had to ask for three things, I would put these items on my list.
1. leather jacket
2. purse
3. stamps

pescbrico said...

Ok you say think big did you... :) If I would really ask Santa and know that the price is not important and that it does not need to cost a thing I would ask :
1. I want to want another baby (sounds crazy but my husband is ready and I wanted more then one but now I'm scared, since Santa can give about anything I'm loosing nothing by asking righ?)
2. A relex digital camera...
3. A cuttlebug and some folders to go with it...
I bet the only one I can really dream about getting for real for Christmas is the third one and maybe the first one if I still beleive in miracle!

Monika/Buzsy said...

I got my presents already...
1. Got my Copics as an early Christmas present 2 months ago...
2. Got my ipod 3-4 weeks ago...
3. Got a Kodak printer couple of weeks ago...
We won't be home for Christmas so we started shopping early. :o)

Allison said...

Hey there...I want a Cuttlebug (I have been using a rolling pin...yeesh!), nestabilities and a good set of markers (although I am not up to Copics!). Cheers!

Jan Scholl said...

Santa and I are not on speaking terms much anymore-not since he brought me a padded toilet seat one year.

I would ask him to put his family first and come home on time and stay off the conference calls except during normal hours, but I know it isnt gonna happen. I am tired of eating alone-is Johnny Depp available?

Michelle said...

I asked for a TV cart to put my little tv on for my craft room

A new cordless mouse for my computer.

and my wedding ring fixed.:) I broke a prong and need a new setting.

Nothing too exciting but everything that I need

Mistylynn said...

I didn't ask for a lot this year either... actually I told my hubby that we shouldn't exchange gifts this year...just for the kiddos...then I recanted...I want a 50mm lens for my Canon Rebel SO BAD! So my new rule was okay, less than a hundred on each other. Thanks for the chance to win such cool goodies.

Linda SS said...

Hope Santa brings you your copic markers:) I guess my wish list would include:

1) 3 sets of Papertrey stamps.
2) 3 Magnolia Stamps
3) 3 Cricut cassettes

In actuality my list would really only include one of each item, but since you told me to wish big, I decided to get 3 of each:) That really WOULD make a very merry Christmas. Hey, I think I'll throw in 3 Nestability sets for good measure!

Lilian said...

hmm... three things on my christmas wish list:
1. papertrey stamp sets: green thumb and snowflake seranade
2. scalloped punches
3. basic grey dp.

Rita said...

Here's my three items.

1. A Coach Bag - He's buying that with points from the Indian Casino near us called Mohegan Sun.
2. Prisma Premier pencils & some stamps & ATG glue gun
3. Portable DVD player

Thanks for making this such fun Maria, I really enjoyed it!

Nicola said...

Mine are not all about stamping.

1. a housecleaner/maid service

2. a cat(I miss my pussycats)

3. SU markers

Cheryl said...

Wow, I hope you get your copics. That would be awesome for you. (bet you will get them!!)
I have lots of things I want
1. A bind it all.
2. An organized scrapbook/stamping room (I was too embarassed to take a photo to show you my mess so that is why I didn't take part in your challenge that day)
3. A Smart car. (that is that new little car that gets great fuel mileage and would fit in our new camper in the back. Very cute.)

Thanks Maria for this. I love, love, love your blog. I appreciate the time it takes to post the way you do.
Cheryl Sims

Denise... said...

Dear Santa,
I have been very good. Please bring me a cuttlebug, all of the embossing folders (not greedy, am I?), and the spellbinders nesting dies (again, all of them)

Penny said...

I hope you get your Copics - I would love a set, but I am not going to ask Santa this year.
The only thing I asked for was a Scor-Pal!
My DH makes sure I have all the goodies I need and want - he is pretty generous. He got really sick earlier this year - diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Scared the be-jesus out of me. I just want him to get healthy and stay that way for a long time.
Ok, I guess I asked for two things.
Happy Holidays!

scfranson said...

I must have been naughty this year cause Santa hasn't asked me what I want. But if he were to ask I'd say a Cuttlebug, rubber stamps and ink pads.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I actually want the Cricut Expression (I have the regular Cricut). I would love to use some of the cool features on the Expression, and I would LOVE to be able to cut the items on Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More LARGER!

I also want the Cricut Cartridge Fabulous Finds.

I also want one surprise! I would love something absolutely and totally unexpected!

~Lana B.~ said...

Love celebrating w/ you!!!
The only thing I really asked for was a bing-it-all and some coils to go w/ that's a whoping two things I reaaaaaaally want.
Hope you get waht you asked Santa for!!!
~Lana B.~

Trina said...

Oooh this is a good one...sure made me think!
I would like.....nestabilities, scor-pal, and a cricut(just the older one)!!

Guess what I am getting???? A mixer, some DVD's and the scor-pal. Why am I getting the scor-pal you ask???? Because I told my husband that I was ordering it, and he better pay for it!! My hubby wouldn't pick out anything like that himself...even if I do tell him what I want every day!

mshbluesky said...

Acutally, I haven't completed my list yet, oops!

On the top of my list is the Zutter Bind-It All. I'd like to get that automatic paper cutter machine (can you tell I don't remember what it is called?), and I would like Photo Shop. So I guess those are my 3 high priced items.

CAKVD said...

I've asked Santa for the following, but I know I'll probably get some PJ's or gloves that are too small instead!! :0
1. Any Bella stamp
2. Any Gina K stamp set
3. Any Papertrey Ink. stamp set
Cheryl KVD

Jenny in Maine said...

I've asked Santa for:

1. PINK Razor ;)

2. Cricut Expression

3. The Bind It All

I hope we all get our Christmas goodies that we've asked for!! Happy Holidays to EVERYONE, and thank you Maria, for offering such great blog candy!!

I've commented and done everything I'm supposed to do, so I {hope} I win, I could really use these clear stamps!! lol :) Good Luck everyone!!

Jenny in Maine
MY BLog:

Juliann said...

1. An IPOD.
2. SU Color Caddy & Stack & Store organizers, I didn't think I wanted them, but now I do!
3. the new Sarah jesica Parker perfume.

MissaTooU said...

Stamps, stamps and more stamps. No actually
I asked for designer paper, brads and the big one a sizzix. Which I know I am gettig because I had to order it. Yeah I can't wait! Thanks for sharing this has been fun

Alicia said...

All the Bella stamps, Justrite home stamping kit and A gift card to Archivers. This should all fit in santa's bag easily.

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm toolate for theblog candy, I wanted to comment anyway. :) Sinc eI can get my stampin fix myself, I have other things on my Christmas wish list.

1~ A New sewing maching
2~ A purse size point and shoot digital camera (My Nikon D40x is too big to go everywhere with me)
3~ a big zoom lens for my Nikon

Nettie said...

Santa if your reading this here is my list.

Bind It All - making lots of coaster projects and can't live without oit anymore.
Spellbinder Nestibilites - All of them
Tv/DVD for my craft room


Melissas said...

I have asked for
1. prismacolor pencils (the biggest set he can find!)
2. a cuttlebug
3. a new cashmere sweater to keep me warm and toasty

good luck on your copic wish!

Tanja said...

I have asked for a camera, would like a score-pal, and will take cash any time!

Aunt T said...

I've asked for a new digital camera, the full set of Copics, adn a scor-pal :)


Kimm Bennington-Thompson said...

Copic markers is a good gift to ask Santa for!
On my list:
1. a good microscope
2. more prepared slides for the microscope
3. more cuttlebug embossing folders
Kimm BT

Beth Norman said...

I hope you get your copics. I asked for:

1. Glue dots, double-sided tape, glue sticks (why should I keep spending my rubber money on these).

2. Michael Buble and Andre Bucchelli CDs.

3. Stereo for my studio.

Angel Wilde said...

I didn't get here yesterday cuz I was sick, but I will still post my answers. I asked for Copics, Nestabilities and Photo Shop.

Heather said...

You'll get the Copics- as soon as you mentioned the kids you got them!

I want the other 20 Colorbox Fluid Chalk Cat's Eye inkpads (and reinkers) that I don't already own. I also want (and already got) reinkers for me Nick Bantock ink pads. I also want a large oval scalloped punch.

Claire said...

3 things I asked for
1. A Sizzix big kick and Multiple dies to go with the big kick - the tags jumbo and the small ribbon tags to be specific
2. Copic Markers
3 More Tombow markers to add to my collection of Tombow Markers :)

YOu just got to love Christmas

Gabby said... are my 3 I would like to have:

1. A bigger house with an extra room for my "office".

2. A new digi camera as the one I have is already growing grey

3. A Prada, Coach, AND/OR Louis Vuitton purse!


Hope you get your copics Maria! You have been nice!

CreativeJeaux said...

Hmm.. well, I JUST bought myself a really nice gift, a new Nikon D40x camera set with 2 lenses, bo I have primarily asked for money so I can pay off my best buy cc :)

Secondly, I would really like a Cuttlebug (HOW did I miss that trend!?) and Third, some new stamp sets.

Darlene L said...

1)A job that will cover my bills--it is tough being unemployed for 18 months.
2)Travel safety for my dd and dh as they drive to see me for the holidays
3)Surprise Me with any stamping supplies--all would be appreciated.


Janet said...

My top 3 items on my Santa list are:
1. The entire Nestabilities set
2. Sizzix BigKick
3. A jewelry cabinet(one of those big ones that looks like a piece of furniture)

I have my fingers crossed now!

Barb said...

I would love an organized craft room
A dvd video camera for the recitals of my grandaughters
and a flat screen monitor for my computer
That is all;-)

Catherine said...

i asked for the whole set of nestabilities, that's all i asked for (well, a little too much) but i hope i get it, i been a very, very, very nice this year...LOL!

Thanks for the chance!