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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Box Pocket With Funky Fold Card Tutorial

Hi Everybody! I posted this "Box Pocket with Funky Fold Card" tutorial on both this blog site and Stampin Inspirations. Nooo, you're not seeing double. It's just that I created a "rubber stamped" version as well as a "scrappy" version so I decided to post it on both sites.

I know not everyone who visits this site, visits my other blog site but I create different stuff for each site and sometimes I usually don't post the same tutorials on both sites. It's usually different so be sure to drop by Stampin Inspirations when you have the time.

Why don't I just combine both sites, you ask. . .well, I like to keep the "scrappy" stuff separate from the "rubber stamped" stuff. Besides, it pushes me to do both otherwise, I would probably just make "rubber stamped" projects and I really would like to be open to doing both.

Anyway, this funky fold card is inserted into the box pocket as you can see above. The flaps are held down with the ribbon.

If you follow the tutorial, I linked template of the funky fold so be sure to check out the tutorial. It's really quite easy to make and quite fun!

I created the box pocket template myself because I wanted to create a pocket that would hold my funky fold card. It's not necessary to have a pocket for it but I thought it was just fun to put it in a pocket.

This is the funky fold opened up. I kept the inside simple to leave room for a nice message or note. I'm sure you could do something more creative than the ones I created. Anyway. . .try out the tutorial and tell me what you think!
Until later!!


Melissa M. M. M. said...

This is stunning! Thanks for the tutorial And yup I'm your secret sister. I just realized how DUMB it was of me to put the primas in there. I tried to do something different stamping-wise than I do on my blog, but I guess I'm not so great at secret identities. I'd make THE lousiest super hero LOL :0)Hugs, Mel

pescbrico said...

it's beautiful :)

Fe-Fe said...

This is really pretty. Love the paper you've used. Just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I love the funky fold card, thanks so much
Karen W

sharon f. / Created By U said...

Maria! These are just beautiful! What a great idea, can't wait to try it myself!

malieta said...

Hi Maria!
Wecome back and I hope you won a bunch of money! I love your box pocket card! The colors are awesome and I love your tutorial too!

Jen - A Spice Angel said...

These are awesome Maria!!! love the colors and the ribbon and the flowers!! You are so creative. Do you do these daily?! Gosh - I just don't know how you put soooo much into one project daily. You are so great!!!


Yanitza Ramos said...

What a great tutorial. The cards turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Grant said...

That sure is neat looking Maria. Thanks for the inspiration!