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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Hi Everybody! I've been tagged by Brigitte at C'est 'fun' de creer! She creates beautiful scrapbooking layouts and cards. Be sure to stop by her site and check it out. I have to provide 7 facts about me. I'm not really an interesting person so this may be difficult.

Here are 7 random facts about me:

1. I'm short. I stand at 5' 3/4". Don't you notice that short people will add the extra 1/2' or 3/4" to their height. You don't hear tall people adding the extra.

2. I love documentaries, crime shows, Indie movies. . .I'm don't like to watch "prime-time" kind of shows except for CSI and Supernatural. I watch those two shows religiously.

3. My favorite genre of music is alternative but I do listen to country and pop once in a while. My favorite band is 30 Seconds to Mars. I'm in love with the lead singer. . .:)

4. When I was a kid, I was really adventurous and actually am surprised I had not hurt myself badly. I once climbed a really tall tree all the way to the top and had difficulties getting down. The tree began to sway and I almost flipped out thinking that I could easily fall off and kill myself. Luckily, I made it down safely and in one piece.

5. I got fired working at Jack in the Box when I was a teenager. It was the worst job ever. I also worked as a waitress for one month while in college and I was asked to resign. LOL!

6. I can't keep still for long periods of time. I go nuts watching a movie in a theatre because I can't get up and walk around or do something else while I'm watching the movie.

7. I've seen a lot of crazy things working as an RN in the hospital. Diseases, infections, and injuries lay people never heard of or didn't know existed. It was very interesting.

I decided to not tag any one else because I'm not sure who wants to be tagged or who have not been tagged yet. Instead, I'll tag all of you who reads this post and post 7 random facts about themselves on their blog.


Beth Norman said...

I'm so glad you got tagged--found out some new things about you and got to check out the tagger's site, which went right into my favourites. Wasn't her latest card the neatest thing? She does indeed do beautiful LO's and cards. So. You can't sit still. It's no wonder you make so many projects in a 24 hour period. You are amazing girlfriend!

malieta said...

Hi Maria!
I really enjoyed reading your tag! When I was a kid, I use to wish that I was short! I am 5'8"...and this no longer bothers me.*smile* I almost forgot that you were a nurse until you mentioned it and I bet you saw some pretty wild things. So much for all of your nervous energy...would you please lend me some of it. *smile*

Michelle said...

I would also like some of that nervous energy please! Thanks for sharing about yourself.