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Monday, June 18, 2007

Correction on Shading and Highlighting of an Image

This is a great example of incorrect shading and highlighting. If you take a look at the pail on the first picture and look at the second one, you'll notice that the pail on the first picture has a weird angle to the right lower half of the pail. This is because I did not shade the bottom of the right side correctly. Instead of shading, I added a highlight. This made the pail look a bit distorted.

The second card is the exact same card but I corrected it by coloring the right bottom area with more shading, removing the highlight. I also added a little shadow to the right of the pail. Can you see it?

Anyway, I wanted to show how important shading and highlighting can be when coloring your images. Practice shading and highlighting your images. . .it really can make a difference on how your images look. After you color your image, step a little away from the image so you can see the whole image in perspective. If you are too close to the image, you may miss subtle flaws to your coloring. It usually will show up when you take a picture of it.

This card has the error in shading and highlighting:

This is the same card with the shading and highlighting corrected:



Michelle said...

OK, I see the difference!
I probobly wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't put the pictures together. You do such great colouring! Do you use Prismapencils and Gamsol?

Kristina said...

I am coloring challenged. How do you decide where to highlight/shade? Is there a good article out there? Help me! Your cards are just beautiful!

Markie's Mom said...

Great technique!

Giulya said...

I have a Penny Black stamps too...very nice.
Best wishes...