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Thursday, June 07, 2007

To answer the question "What do I do with my cards"

To answer this question. . .

I usually sell my cards to repeat customers. Many will ask me to design a card for them and they pick which ones they want. I sell to friends and family and at craft fairs during the holidays.

I don't advertise selling cards that are on my blogs. I'll post them after I've sold them. I also sell cards on Ebay if the company don't have a strict Angel Policy. Click Here for the website that will provide the Angel Policy for various stamp companies. Here is another website that provides information on the subject of Angel Policies. . .Click here This website provides more info on companies that are Angel companies and ones that have an Angel Policy. . .Click Here

Just as a note. . .Angel Companies and Angel Policies are not limited to rubber stamping. . .it includes all crafting so be sure to check the Angel Policies for die-cut companies for products such as Cuttlebug, Sizzix, Cricut, Accucut, Quickutz, etc. Some do have restrictions as well!!!

Penny Black and Stampendous are Angel stamps other than a few specific series or stamps that do have an Angel Policy. "Angel Stamps or Angel Company" means you are allowed to make cards using their stamps and sell them. "Angel Policy" means they have restrictions. Some will have a few restrictions such as giving credit to the designer or no retail stores or internet selling. Some are pure or absolute "Angel Companies or stamps" meaning there's no policies whatsoeverl and those are the best ones!!

I don't mass produce any of my cards. . .all my cards are one of a kind and I usually don't create more than one or two cards of the same image at a time unless it's individually requested by a customer. Stamp companies don't like "mass production" meaning selling a lot of cards at once using the same image and design.

My cards that are created with Stampin Up stamps are restricted to swaps, personal or craft fairs. I don't sell these cards on Ebay because SU is VERY STRICT and will hunt you down if you sell them on Ebay or on your blog site. So. . .word of caution if you advertise your Stampin Up cards for sale on your blog sites. . .some busy body will snitch on you!!!! There are people who appointed themselves as the SU Police! Haha! Don't worry. . .not me - I don't operate that way!!

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