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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TIC Day #1 - (Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge)

I decided to do a "Challenge Day" for several reasons. Stampers and card makers seem to like to be offered challenges to motivate them and "I" want to challenge myself as well. I want to be motivated to make different types of cards and not limit myself so this is my way of motivating myself to do different things with my cards.

What is TIC? It means "Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge". I ask that you participate in my challenge and submit your work via email or your blog address if it is posted on your site. I will post a picture of your work on my blog site!

The challenge will be posted on both of my blog sites, Card Inspired and Stampin Inspirations, every Tuesday. On Monday's (a week later) I will do a random pick from all participants of both blog sites and will randomly choose a person to receive one of my "challenge" cards . . .sorta like a "RAK" for participating.

If your card is made with Stampin Up images, it will be posted on Stampin Inspirations. If you card is created with images or products such as scrapbook pieces and embellishments with no stamping by other companies besides Stampin Up, the card will be posted on Card Inspired.

Today's TIC is "5 Layer Minimum".
  • The card needs to be created with a minimum of 5 layers.
  • The card base is not considered layer #1 unless it overlaps something such as a tri-fold or if cut to reveal the inner part of the card such as shown in Card #2 (scroll down for example). The designer paper in Card #2 is layered over the inner part of the card base, therefore can be considered layer #1, the front card base is considered layer #2.
  • If creating a window type of card, the front card base can be considered layer #1 because it reveals the inner card base.
  • Any ribbon or embellishment that layers over or under one another is considered a layer.
    With card #1, the designer paper is considered layer #1 because it lays over the card base (again, the card base is not considered a layer).
  • Card design is not limited to rubber stamping. You may use "paper piecing" techniques or scrapbooking embellishments such as die-cuts, stickers, etc., as long as each piece is layered over one another.

The first card above has 9 layers, starting with the designer paper and ending with the rhinestone embellishment. The ribbon is included as a layer. The second card has a total of 7 layers, starting with the designer paper which is attached to the inner card base and ends with rhinestone embellishments on the wheel of the baby carriage. The front card base and the ribbon are considered layers.

Okay. . .let's begin! All submissions must be submitted by Sunday 12:00 midnight PST. I really hope you will want to participate in my challenges. I will try to make it interesting and different so that it will be motivating.

We'll see how it goes. . .I am "positive" you will participate!!!!! P.S. if you have a blog address, I will link your submission with your blog address so people can visit your site! Most of all HAVE FUN! Scroll down for the 2nd card and the sketches!!


Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Hi Maria - I visit the blog regularly and spotted this today. Love challenges!! I have cracked two in one today though - hope that is OK as I am on Hols tomorrow!

Michelle said...

I love this baby've used one of my favourite papers!

Barb g said...

Hi Maria...I love your blog and all of the sketches you share. I'm thinking about trying to participate in this challenge but, I have a question: you have to follow one of the sketches you provided, or is it any kind of sketch...just has to have at least 5 layers? Thanks, Barb g