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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Layered Flower Template

Hi Everyone! This card was inspired by Mel's template of "Mel Stampz" that she provided on her blog site. I liked the idea how she added stitches to her card so I added stitches to my card too. I used fibers for my stitching. . .I wanted to do something different and I have a ton of these fibers. Remember when they were popular several years ago. . .well, I still have them. I don't see too many people using these fibers on their cards and quite honestly, I really don't know what do with mine!

If you've been reading my posts for the past few days, you'll know that I've been focusing on Mel's templates and projects. She has lots of creative ideas on her blog so this week, I'm going to work on them.

Here is another card I made with Mel's template. Again, I used fibers for the flower but rather creating a flower card, I adhered the layered flower on to a 5.5 x 5.5 square card. I am so much fun making these cards.

Be sure to stop by Mel's blog site to check out the template and the other fun stuff on her blog!!

Mel has tutorials on how to create your own templates and it really inspired me to come up with my own stuff. I've had Adobe Illustrator CS2 for about a year but it's so darn complicated and well, I'm no techie so I rarely used this powerful program. I primarily use it to create templates for my Craft Robo (Wishblade) but I typically use templates made by other people because I don't know how to create my own graphic images on Illustrator. From Illustrator, my Craft Robo (Wishblade) cuts graphic images directly from the program.

Illustrator now comes in a newer CS3 version. I have CS2. This program is primarily used by graphic artists and illustrators so it's a very expensive program. The complete CS3 package run about $600 and the upgrade to CS3 cost around $200. I have it on my computer because my husband works in the computer/IT industry. I would not buy it for myself. It's not like I'm planning to become a graphic illustrator! LOL!

I decided yesterday to follow a few tutorials on how to draw on Illustrator and WOW! OMG, I found a tutorial that teaches you how to create simple flowers on Illustrator! It's so darn easy to create them! I couldn't believe that I've never used this program to create my own templates! Anyway, I created this flower template yesterday. As a matter of fact I created 5 different types. I'll post them as I make cards for the templates!

As you can see, the flowers are very layered and 3D! It does take a bit of cutting but if you don't mind. . .well, layering flowers are so fun!
What I do when I cut these templates. . .I watch TV! LOL! It really helps from getting bored while cutting. It sort of kills two birds with one stone.

Card Details:

Stamp: Inkadinkado
Paper: SU Garden Green, Tempting Turquoise, DCWV designer papers,
Accessories: SU Night of Navy ink, 1", 1 1/4", and 1 3/8" circle punch, grosgrain ribbon

Here is the flower template I created yesterday. Click on the image and it will enlarge. It'll look very, very large but if you print directly from the Internet rather than saving the template, it'll print to scale. If you save it and print it from your file, you may need to do a test print. The print size will be dependent on your computer program that you used to print the image. For example, when I print from Photoshop, it prints a size larger which is okay too. You can create different size flowers!

Thanks Mel for inspiring me to create my own templates!


Mel M. M. M. said...

Thwunnnnk! <--that was the sound of my jaw hitting my keyboard! Maria! YOU rock--more!!! This is THE nicest flower template EVER! You are my hero, seriously. Looks like I need Illustrator, LOL. You could totally be a graphic designer (but it might eat into your stamping time.) I love the way you did the fibers on your cards too (absolutely ingenious! Now I know what to do with those skeins of it that I thought were such a great deal. I love your text & layers on the 2nd Friends card too. WOWza! SOOOOOOOO stunning! AND the blues of that Hi card. Outta this world. Okay, I'm going to stop yammering and just keep drooling. If I inspired you, you inspired me back ten-fold. WOW girlfriend WOW!!! :0)

Cindy Haffner said...

Wow how cool are these, i love your colors, i always love your colors.

Rita said...

These are all so beautiful! I luv your 3 D flower card, You did an awesome job creating this card & template! I love these colors on this card. Thanks so much for sharing the template with us, I'll have to try this 3 D flower card myself.

Tracy.H said...

Wow!! Maria, these are beautiful! I absolutely love the last one!!! You are truly one talented lady!! :0)

Lologrl said...

LOL!!!! Girlfriend, look at you GO!!! I can't believe how you are keeping up with all of your blogs, creating, and taking care of the household. I still say you are the #1 blogger that rocks!!!! Way cool that you've created your own template... and crack me up about them fibers, I have them too, girl... what the heck am I going to do with them? Hahaha... they are in my ribbon container... waiting, wanting and yearning to be used. You are amazing - but you already knew that!!! =0)


Sue said...

they are fabulous I love how you have done these large blooms

Mary Anne in NJ said...

Awesome...thanks so much for sharing..beautiful cards and great embellishment, colors..

Tonniece said...

LOVE the fibers on the card Maria. Totally awesome. I also love how you mix your DP. and make such bright and fun cards.
Thanks for the cool template.

Have a wonderful day

2 Worlds said...

Wow I'm impressed
this is a awesome template
I will see if I try

Michelle said...

WOW! these are fabulous! I love the template and your cards are gorgous!

Ila said...

Oh My Gosh!! this is Fabulous!! these cards are over the top Gorgeous..and I love the templates!!

Annapurna said...

I stopped by to see what Mel was talking about and no wonder. Your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing the template with us.

What you made with it is even more gorgeous. Your work is very inspiring.

Off to get CS2, CS3 whichever is cheaper :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, your blog is great. I just stumbled upon it and added you to my blog roll so I can check back. You do terrific work. The flower cards are amazing!!!!

Heather the Mooselover said...

Wow- amazing cards and you made some of your own flower templates too. You amaze and inspire me. Flowers are my FAVORITE. Thanks for sharing the template and links to Mel.

My husband will install the printer tonight- or he'll have to listen to me nag until he does!

Anonymous said...

Wow Maria,
I've been here before following a link from MelStampz. And I've copied your card layouts into an excel file for easy access (while camping with no internet :-) Camping doesn't get better than that!!!
Anyway very very cool cards!! Like the way you used the fibers to outline the first flower! Brilliant!
The colours on the second and third card are absolutely outstanding!! What paper is that?? What is DCWV? I must be acronymically challenged?
(No blog...just a stalker)
Thanks for sharing!
Beth Greco (

Kim's Life said...

Thank you for sharing. The flowers are absolutely beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love the flower template-is it okay to use it in my own cards? ty