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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Clean Waterfall!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share my clean waterfall and pond in my back yard that me and my son cleaned up yesterday. Prior to cleaning it was sort of yellow looking because algae started to grow at the bottom of the pond due to the hot weather for the past weeks. Yuck. It was looking pretty ugly.

I drained the pond and my son and I cleaned out the sediment and algae located at the bottom and to the sides of the pond. I wish I took a photo of the guck but I was thinking of taking photos while we were working on it.

Anyway. . .just wanted to share my hard work! LOL! I need someone to pat my back and say "good girl, Maria". Too funny! I've been asking my husband to do it for weeks and he kept putting it off. Because he is on a business trip, I decided to do it myself. If I did it while he is around, he'll get irritated and feel forced to clean it so I decided to wait to do it when he was away.

The picture to the right is the pond that was filled with guck but now it's all clean. You couldn't see the bottom of the pond when it was dirty. The rocks in the center holds the light fixture at the bottom of the pond. It lights up the water at night.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!!


Anonymous said...


Don't telly your husband that you cleaned it. See how long it takes him to notice that it no longer needs cleaning.

Perhaps by the time he thinks of it again, it will need another cleaning and he'll get right on it! LOL!

Looks good!

Beth Norman said...

Hello. My name is Maria and I have an addiction. A cleaning addiction. LOL--wink, wink. If it's not the garage, it's something else. I used to be like you but I burned out so please know I'm just having fun with you. I can't even begin to imagine how much work you went through.

Rita said...

Pat, pat (patting Maria on the back) good girl Maria!!! Hehehe!!! This is soooo beautiful, I luv it & I sure do wish I had one, been asking for a few years now but don't think I'll ever get it. But thanks for sharing with us, it's the next best thing to owning one of my own. You & your son did a great job!

Michelle said...

Very pretty! I bet is really relaxing sitting out near it. I love the sound of rushing water

malieta said...

This sounds like a lot of work Maria!
Needless to say, you and your son make a great team and the pond looks brand new!! Way to go!!!

Lologrl said...

LOL!!!! Pat - Pat... WHACK!! LOL!!! You go sistah, das how, no need wait, cause I would've done the same thing. I can imagine how ucky it looked - I laughed that you were thinking about taking pictures while cleaning. I swear, you n' I must think alike - I bet you were thinking about what to write while you were cleaning the pond...LOL!!!! Well, you did a great job, girlfriend. The bottom of the pond wasn't slippery? Well, when it gets dirty again - no forget to take a pic.

Hug hug,

Paula's ponderings said...

Id give you a pat on the back but youve had so many wouldnt want to bruise Great job! Wonder how long it will be before hubby notices!

Vicki Sullivan said...

How lovely the pond is, must be nice to sit out bak and listen to the waterfall.

Mel M. M. M. said...

It is stunning. You did an amazing job! It's so clean I would swim in it, heehee. Good thing we women are so awesome ALL the time or nothin' would get done, LOL. ;0)

Ila said...

Wow!! this looks Amazing...I bet your backyard is Beautiful!!

Heather the Mooselover said...

Big pat on the back to you (and your son). I know what it is like to want some husbandly praise for completing a task THEY promised to do!

Teri said...

The pond is beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about asking til you turn blue and then finally deciding to just do it yourself. Hey!, we're very similar!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job, you deserve a pat on the back. It looks beautiful.