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Monday, June 09, 2008

Blog Break - Will be back on the weekend

Hi Everyone! I need to take a break. I'm in the middle of a big mess in my garage! I decided to start up the clean up process on Saturday and well, it's like a tornado went through my garage and threw everything all over the place. I guess before it can get clean, it needs to get ugly first and I mean, ugly. I've opened up every container and spread everything all over the place. Wow! It's scary.

Yesterday I worked on the Christmas stuff and so far I've counted 12 containers, 4 of which are the huge containers. When we moved from Hawaii to California, we sold at least half of our Christmas stuff. . . so why do we still have so many Christmas stuff? It's NUTS!

Anyway, I can't stand the garage looking the way it is. . .the faster I clean it up, the better I'll feel. I need to take a break this week to concentrate on the garage. Besides, my body ache so bad right now. . .I am in no mood to craft! I've used muscles I haven't used in years. I guess that's the price I have to pay for accumulating so much junk!

When I'm completely done, I'll take a picture of the garage. Maybe if I'll even take a "before" picture. . . .we'll see.

Hope y'all have a wonderful week!!


Risa said...

I know exactly what you mean Maria! Take it slow and please don't hurt yourself while moving boxes around. You will be missed but we understand:)

Rita said...

Good luck my friend!

Ila said...

Have a good week cleaning!! I always feel better after getting a good cleaning job done...and I always seem to be behind on this type of thing too. Take Care and have a good week!!

TA Carbone said...

Your email subscription on your blog isn't working for me to sign up :(