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Friday, June 06, 2008

Crooked Stitching Card

Hey Everyone! How do you like my new banner? I think it looks better than my other one. I actually created the banner really quickly because I didn't want to fuss over it. It's like. ..sheesh, I have so many more other things I need to do. . .I can't be playing around with my banner. Besides, I have a problem choosing the "right paper", the "right font", the "right design". . .after a while. . .I told myself. . ."who cares!" LOL!

Okay. . .why is my post titled "crooked stitching card"? Well, I decided to "sew" the edge of my card and it looked perfectly fine when I was done but when I took a picture of it and looked at it, I noticed that the top right corner was crooked. It's funny because in person, I couldn't see that it was crooked. I guess because in picture, it sort of blows up every flaw on my card. I'm not ashamed of revealing all the flaws of my cards. It's a handmade card. . .there suppose to be tiny flaws. . .I think they add character to the cards. Yeah, right!! Are you kidding? I looked at the crooked stitch and I was like "darn it. . .it sticks out like a sore thumb"!

But, honestly. . .you can't really tell that it's crooked in person. Anyway, so much for the card. . .

Gosh, I'm so happy it's Friday! I love Fridays! Friday is my favorite day! 2 more weeks and my kids' will be on summer break! Oh, I cannot wait! I have grand plans for the summer.

Do you watch "Clean House"? Well, I was watching it the other day and the show inspired me.

I decided to "purge" all my unused stuff. I mean seriously purge. Not the "sort of purge" kind of purging. I plan to eliminate everything in the garage that haven't been touched or looked at in the last 3 years. Every day, I will go through a container and pull out whatever I stored inside that I have not looked at in 3 years and drop them off at the Salvation Army.

I want to move all my excess craft stuff into the garage and clear my craft room of clutter. That is my goal for the summer and I am so excited to start "decluttering". How about you? What are your grand plans for the summer" Anything exciting? Tell me about it! I would love to hear what your plans for the summer will be!!

Have a happy, happy Friday, everyone!!


Miss 376 said...

I think the card looks great, and if you hadn't have pointed it out, no one would have suspsected there was anything wrong.
Projects for the summer-already done, garage sorted, lol-and having moved five months ago, all my craft things have been sorted. Trouble was, it highlighted how many things needed to be completed, so now I am on a marathan stitching, knitting and whatever else is required to finish it. Not sure the summer will be long enough

mushroommeadows said...

I can't believe it's ALREADY summer!!! Yeah, one of my goals is definitely to "declutter" my craft area and keep my craft stuff in my craft area ONLY! (something my husband will surely appreciate!) :)

I also want to read at least ten books before summer's over!!!

Ila said...

Fabulous card Maria...I love the stitching...I stich crookedly though too all the time.....finally gave up on doing it is just not a perfect science. Sometimes though I can take a pic at a different angle and eliminate the flaws...I know..I'm a

eunice said...

Found the link to your blog thru Teri's, and so glad...your cards are beautiful and truly an inspiration!

Michelle said...

Your new header is nice! On your other blog, too! I like the stitching when its not perfect! It adds character to the card. I cleaned out my garage 3 weeks ago and did the same thing. I got rid of stuff over 2 years old I haven't used. I filled the entire back of our truck and took to the youth ranch. I also did the same thing with my clothes. It feels so much better now that that is done!

pescbrico said...

This is a cute card I should stitch more on them... since I have a sewing machine right next my craft table!
Have a wonderful day!

Heather said...

Like your new banner.

Love that ribbon (I have some too!)

I like the card and never would have noticed the stitching had you not mentioned it. A few weeks ago I slaved on a card and got it done and found a flaw as I was looking at the pictures to upload. I cheated and used photo editing software to fix my flaw (for my blog!)

malieta said...

Now you know no one would have noticed the seam until you mentioned it. I have tried sewing on a card and you should see MY seams!!!! (no one has!) lol
I think your card is cute and fun Maria. I adore the polka dots,the ribbon and the gorgeous flower!
I watch Clean House and I wish they would head out this way. We are in the process of getting rid of stuff that we no longer use also. I wanted to have it done before my company arrived but it's not going to happen that soon...too much work!!
Now that I have written a book...have a wonderful weekend and don't wear yourself out cleaning:)
p.s. I love your new banner

Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

LOL!! I love your new banner, and yea nobody cares, but you know you care, at least for it to be different once in a while. Love your card, and i love the idea of cleaning house. Wish I had enough guts like you to throw things out. LOL!! I'm such a rat pack - it's not even funny. Well, I have been telling myself to clean out the garage for a long time now. maybe this Summer I will just have to jump right in and do it. Wish me luck!!!

Good Luck To you too!!!!


Rita said...

I love this card, it's so cute! Had you not mentioned the flaw I never would have seen it!
I luv your new banner, so pretty!

My plans for the summer, after the wedding is to take day trips around New England, maybe even find some Craft/Stamping stores, hehehe!!!

2 Worlds said...

This card looks fine to me and as you said is hand made
suppose to be like this :)

Teri said...

Love your card! Complimentary colors on this one! Also just noticed the pretty new banner...have a great weekend Maria!

Deb said...

love your new banner! Your card is gorgeous too, doesn't look like crooked stitching to me, we are far too self critical we crafters!
During the summer I plan to do some house decorating, I will do the outside varnish during the sunny days and on the rainy days (we get lots of those during the summer) I will get to work painting the walls inside the house. If by some miracle we get a very dry summer then the garden will get the work done on it!

Allison said...

I haven't been "on-site" for awhile but you have a rocking blog design going on! Love this card (fun use of the bright prima) and a lot of your recent creations too!

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

I love it, crooked stitching and all *grin*! It beautiful, Maria! Love the color combo and that big flower!

I've had that happen to me before too! I'll make my card and take the picture and then when I go to post I notice a splotch or crooked cut. I think it adds character.

I love your new blog banner. I've been thinking about changing mine, but that's all I do, I think about it.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Fe-Fe said...

I like your crooked stitching Maria. To be honest if you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have even noticed. Lovely card, wonky stitching or no wonky stitching!

Hope you've having a great day!
Fe x

Cherie said...

Hey Maria, okay, you can't stitch straight...sewing on cardstock automatically makes the stickes crocked....paper is not like fabric, therefore the stitches will be crooked. The card is very cute, very creative and you thought outside the box...can ya tell that i'm in a typing mood? The banner is cool..i can see you changing it every couple of months.
I need to "declutter" my "living room"! I live in a studio apartment ...ya know that means one room... half of my room is the bed and the other half is my scrapbooking/stamping and computer room. Picture that! Hugs....

Tonniece said...

Wow! two blogs on the go and they are both "ROCKIN". Love this card crooked stitching and all.
Summer plans are to declutter also. I started last week donateing things out, throwing things out, and fixing things up that needed it (That I will use).
It's amazing to me all the things we hold onto in the hopes we will eventually use them, but never do.
Good luck with your decluttering.