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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chipboard Flower Card

Hi Everyone!! Happy Saturday to all of you!! Sometimes I wonder how long I'll be blogging. I'm still having fun with blogging but I wonder if there will be a time when I get tired of it and stop blogging. I even sometimes wonder if I'll still be making cards and such in a year or two. I guess it depends where I'll be in a year or two. I think if I return to work, I obviously won't be crafting and blogging much or like the way I am right now.

My daughter is graduating from high school next year and I will definitely will be returning to work once she starts college. College is EXPENSIVE. I will try to make the most of my crafting and blogging before things change in my life. I have too much craft stuff so I really need to work on using them as much as possible.

Anyway, do you somtimes get tired of crafting or blogging? Just wondering!

I really like how this card turned out because I changed the orientation of the primary panel. It's different from my norm and I like the idea of doing something different. I think I'll make a few more cards with the panel in a different angle.

Card Details:

Stamp: Heidi Grace
Paper: Cardstock (not sure), Autumn Leaves designer paper (I think), K&CO designer paper.
Ink: Tim Holtz distressing ink
Accessories: Heidi Swapp chipboard flower, Provocraft tile stickers, organdy ribbon


Cindy Haffner said...

So prety, aesome sketch, great colors.

Heather said...

I have not been doing it long enough to get tired of it yet. I dream of designs, stamps, and paper. I LOVE it, just am waiting for my hands to catch up to my brain and be able to make beautiful cards like these!!! Chipboard scares me and I have no clue how to use it! These are lovely! Great job!!! **thanks for my comment:) Hannah says she likes my card but always covers up bellas butt to look at it, lol**

pescbrico said...

I love the mix of color on your card! Thanks for all the inspiration! :)

Tracy.H said...

Great card, Maria! I often wonder the same thing myself. Summer is always harder for creating and blogging. We spend so much more time outside doing things that there is just not the time to do it all. I have found that I certainly blog a lot less lately. And there are just so many blogs out there that it is hard to keep up with them all. But I don't think I could ever stop's just no in me to quit!! ;0)

2 Worlds said...

WEll. I work and I use this as a outlet to relax, and tell my history for my future family.
Wherever we like we always find time for it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your beautiful cards.
I do hope you never, never stop blogging or stamping. I will sure miss you. Please, do not wonder what might happen in 2 years from now, have you heard of the law of attraction? Energetically, when we fear something, that which we fear usually happens. So, project only the positive so that you only attract that which will bring you joy and happinness. That is the intent of our existance, even when at times it does not seem like it.

Mel M. M. M. said...

Sometimes I get so sick of blogging I wanna quit altogether. But then I get another burst "Ouuu! of gotta babble at people about this" and I'm ok. It takes a LOT of time doesn't it?

This is a gorgeous card, by the by. I love those two DPs with the hit of that orange. And the angle is great. SO nice! :0)

Paper doll said...

Hi Maria! Iam addicted to reading blogs and sometimes get mad at myself because I can spend 3-4 on the computer checking all my favs( which keeps growing. I like see what everyone is up to. Now I just need to be addicted to keeping my blog updated. Yes, sometimes I get tired, of trying to keep up.

By the way you are one of my daily reads!

Rita said...

This is a beautiful shabby chic card, that is how I describe it & I luv it girl!
Yes I often wonder the same thing but it is a release & right now I luv doing it, it helps to relax me, but there are days when I don't feel like posting & thats ok too! After all it is our blog so we can do whatever we want, blog everyday or whenever! Wedding is taking up all my time till "the Day" then I can't wait to get back to doing regular crafting! See you soon.


Michelle said...

Very Pretty. I love the chipboard

malieta said...

Another beautiful card and I love the chipboard flower! I love all your ideas on how to use chipboard but I'm chipboard challenged!!!!*smile*
Oh that summer is here, it is really hard to concentrate on family activities and my hobby at the same time. Although I would prefer to stay sitting at my desk crafting, I can't!!! My family doesn't understand my passion and I'm sort of "torn between two loves". Summer will be over soon and hopefully when the kids return to school, I can give more time to my crafting room.
Hang in there and think positive my friend, everything will work itself out:)

BA said...

all your card are beautiful!! i love to see your blogs, you're a allround talent!!
bye BA

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

So beautiful. I love the colors you've choose to set-off the designer papers.