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Monday, June 23, 2008

Double Pocket Card Using Scrap Designer Paper Mini Tutorial

Hi Everyone! Wow, I spent 2 days cleaning my craft room and I've come to the conclusion that I'm crazy! I have so much stuff that it's scary. I have a bad habit of buying stuff in "bulk" because it's cheaper to buy things in value packs. Unfortunately, buying things in bulk results in excess. I've made the decision to avoid buying in bulk or value packs. From now on, if I see something I like that is on sale, I'll buy only one of that item, not 5! LOL!

Anyway, my craft room, despite 2 days of cleaning, really don't look nice and neat. It's a bit disappointing. I envy those craft rooms that I see on other people's blogs that look soooooooooo CLEAN. . .you know, with all those pretty jars and containers all neatly placed on the shelves. I probably could achieve that nice and neat look but that would mean I would have to get rid of 75% of my stuff! LOL! Instead my shelves look like I stuffed as much stuff that I could. . .oh, well.

I made this double pocket card this morning. Again, using scrap designer pieces. This double pocket card is a great way to rid of those smaller pieces of designer paper.


Here is a quick instruction on how I created this pocket card:


(3) 3 x 4" two or three different designer papers
(1) 4 x 5.25" cardstock (matting)
(1) 4.25 x 5.5" card base
(1) 2.5 x 5" tag (back tag)
(1) 2.5 x 3.5" tag (front tag)
Glue or double stick tape

1. Adhere the first 3x4" designer paper at the top edge of the 4 x 5.25" cardstock (matting)

2. Apply adhesive to the 1/4" left and right edge of the second 3x4" designer paper. Adhere it over the first designer paper starting 1" down from the top. This will create the first top pocket.

3. Apply adhesive to the 1/4" on 3 edges of the third designer paper (left, right and bottom edge). Adhere to the bottom half of the 4x5.25" cardstock (matting) and over the second designer paper. When adhering to the matting, be sure the adhesive end is attached to the mat leaving the non-adhered end layered over the second designer paper. This will create the second slot or pocket.

4. Create your tags as desired.

I'm sorry there's no photos. I didn't start off creating a tutorial but I figured you may want to know how I created the pockets with scrap designer papers.

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!


Teri said...

Maria, love this pocket card. You are so creative. A note about your craft room...I too try to "clean up" and after days of it, I feel like I didn't do anything but move around my junk, haha! I gave up the thought that my room would look anything like all of our blog friend's rooms so enjoy your bulk purchases :)

All Pink girl said...

Wow this is gorgeous and creative ,love it ,Dawnx

Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

hey girl - love your card, much easier than some other tutorials out there making this double pocket cards. Ahhhhh... my rooms sounds exactly like yours. Stuffed with stuffs that I over purchase. If I clean, it's basically just cleaning off the table - not the entire room.... that'll take me forever too. Well, just gotta do with what you can do.. LOL... don't give up buying in bulks... LOL.. it just makes more sense to!! (Can you tell I do that same?!?)... LOL...


Veronika said...

So many fabulous cards you have made, i realy like your style! I came in here after googling "post it note cover" ;)Best wishes from Norway:)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic card. And thks for the tutorial too! rita w

malieta said...

Wow....about a great idea for using up your scraps! Your dbl. tag card is awesome and TFS the tutorial!

Rita said...

Another beautiful double pocket card.

Right now my craft room looks like a tornado hit it, I'm working in there & keep throwing things all over both tables & don't have time to clean it up, I hate the way it looks right now. It's amazing I can find anything in all that mess & I hate working like that, well I guess I know what I'll be doing after the wedding!