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Monday, March 05, 2007

Daily Special - Anything But Cards - Chipboard Coaster Tag Pocket

Today's Daily Special is Anything But Cards - Chipboard Coaster Tag Pocket. I made this for a "chipboard" swap that I had joined. I wanted to make something different and a little more on the elegant side as opposed to my typical cutie projects.

How did I make this tag holder? Here's how:


Two 4x4" chipboard coasters
Designer Paper (Cut two 4x4")
Large scallop tag (you can make your own tag to fit the pocket
Coordinating colored cardstock 4 x 8 1/4"
Hole Puncher or paper piercer
Sanding Block
Ink pad


  • Glue the designer papers on to one side of each of the coasters using the decoupage
  • Sand the edge using the sanding block
  • Distress the edge with the desired ink
  • Decoupage the top of the designer papers
  • Glue the coasters side by side on to the 4 x 8 1/4" cardstock with the designer paper facing up
  • Fold the cardstock in half with the designer paper facing out. This will create a pocket for the tag
  • Punch 4 holes on both coasters on the left and right side. Due to the thickness of the coasters, you may need to use a paper piercer to punch the holes.
  • Thread the ribbon through the front to the back side of each coaster, cut and tie the ribbon. Do this for each hole on both left and right side of the tag holder
  • Design your large tag as desired
  • Insert the tag into the coaster tag pocket

That's it! Below is how the tag looks outside of the tag pocket. Try it out! It's quite fun to make!

Until later. . .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just love your work and please keep posting them! Nice to see variety of stamp companies and their designs in your creativity.