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Monday, March 12, 2007

Daily Special - Technique Day - Coloring on Vellum

Here is a simple technique using vellum. Because new stampers are just learning and sometimes are unsure of how to use a product, they don't use it. Not everyone has the money to experiment on expensive materials. I'm for one have a very difficult time wasting any materials and sometimes when you experiment, well you inevitably waste a few of them. To save new stampers the trouble of having to waste their materials, I'll from time to time post basic tutorials.

This tutorial is a basic coloring technique on vellum. Honestly, its not like there's a lot of ways to color on vellum. Coloring on vellum is quite limited. Don't use watercolor because well, once it dries it will surely warp.

How do you attach vellum on to the cardstock? The scrapbook stores sell vellum tape which is a clear tape. Transfer tape by 3M works well too. You may also use any snail tape. It will show up a little through the vellum but you can remedy that by adding brads or ribbon to cover it up.

Never color the front of the vellum because well in my opinion, it looks ugly. Inks don't color well on vellum but if you color the backside, then the color strokes don't show up as much as it would if colored on the front side.

Just on a personal note. I got over a nasty cold two weeks ago. I typically don't take medication when I have a cold because I found that medication stops the body's own natural healing process. In the past I've taken medication and I've always ended up with some sort of secondary infection such as an upper respiratory infection - chest congestion, cough, etc.

Medication halts the process of your body own defenses to clean out the virus or bacteria in your body. . .your symptoms may disappear but the virus or bacteria remains in your body. Mucus is a good thing. . .it's your body's way of getting rid of those nasty bugs. Cold medications stop the mucus from flowing, it stops you from coughing. . .well, how do the nasty by-products of your body cleansing system as well as virus and bacteria are removed out of your system if you stop the process.

Because I was impatient, I took Zicam (Zinc nasal spray)- a homeopathic remedy while I had a cold. Wow, it stopped my runny nose and watery eyes in their tracks. I figured because it was a homeopathic remedy, what was the harm. BUT. . .a week or so later, I now have an upper respiratory infection meaning I have a chest cold. I really believe it was because I took the Zicam. If I would have just let things go and tolerate a few more days of runny nose and watery eyes, I would not be in the predicament I am now. Now, I'm left with a nasty cough, coughing up phlegm, and feeling down right terrible.

Just a little note on Zicam and Cold Eeze. It worked wonders but I read there's an ongoing law suit with people claiming that they lost their sense of smell and taste. At this time, there's no study that this adverse affect is true but for those who have thought of taking Zicam and Cold-Eeze. . .be cautious and read more on the product before taking it. The FDA is currently examining the claims.

Anyway, what is all my yapping about. . .well, during the weekend I felt terrible and that explains why I did not post any cards on this blog site and my Stampin' Inspirations bog site. I feel a little better today so I was able to make a few cards. Hopefully, my nasty cough will soon disappear.

Until later. . .


Jackie said...

Wow! That is just stunning!!!

Allison said...

Terrific job Maria and thanks for the tutorial (one day I'll get that heat gun!).

monika/buzsy said...

Another wonderful card. Love the colors and the vellum. TFS! Love to receive a card from you one day! :o)

mjb coffee said...

Wow!!! What an outstanding, gorgeous card!!! It is beautiful!!! Thank you so very much for the tutorial; I can't wait to try this. I have been wanting to do something on vellum.