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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flower Mini Album

Hi Everyone! Well, I resolved the issue that I had with my daughter's AP Calculus teacher. Her teacher reassured me that she won't fail the class and that she can bomb everything from this point on and still pass the class. Okay. . .well, that was interesting. I'm not sure where that came from.

I had spoken to my daughter's counselor earlier in the morning and asked that we meet along with the academic advisor who heads the AP calculus department (meaning the vice principal) as well as the teacher. She sent an email to the teacher with an interesting note. . .stating that my concerns may require additional "action" and that a meeting with the academic advisor may need to be initiated. I think that was subliminal note to the teacher, if you know what I mean. A few hours later I got the call from my daughter's teacher.

My daughter's teacher said that my daughter had approached him today and asked that her test be reviewed and that she felt she deserved "credit" for parts of the tests and explained that her tutors felt that he was grading the tests too harshly.

He then told me that if a student feels strongly enough to approach him for a review, he was willing to re-evaluate her work and he agreed to give her "back" a few points. Whoohoo! I'm not sure if it was the email from the counselor or my daughter approaching him that prompted him to call me and consider re-evaluating her work.

Okay. . .I feel a little better. All my daughter needs to do now is work on getting a B. AP classes are colleges courses that totals a 5.0 rather than a 4.0 so a B is equivalent to an "A" grade. Maybe, just maybe, she can bring her grade up.

Anyway. . .I'm happy again. Whew! I'm so glad I got that issue resolved. I hate meeting with teachers and such. They get so defensive.

Well this is a mini album I created a while back. Initially, I created the flower pages but wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. I was thinking of attaching them to a cork board and hanging them on the wall but decided to create a mini album instead.

I had posted the pictures of the pages individually on a previous post. The post also includes the template for the flower pages if you are interested in creating this mini album: Click Here for the post and the template.


Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

very pretty how this turned out - i luv it!!!

way to go on gettin' that situation taken cared of. the teacher must've knew you were from Hawaii.. LOL!! He started sh*ttin'.... all joking aside, I don't like confronting teachers either - I let my husband do that, since he's so good at it.

Big Hugs,

grandmascraps said...

Good job on raiding such fine children. Your daughter is going to do well in life with her determination. (must of gotten that from mom!)

Monika/Buzsy said...

Glad the 'problem' is solved... things usually work out...
Love the album... I really like the shape and the papers... TFS!

Rita said...

Adorable album Maria!

So glad everything worked out for the best! Sometimes teachers get too opinionated towards a student & even though their wrong they will not back down. I had a problem with ONE of my daughters teachers in the 7th grade & after talking to her other teachers found out that this teacher was completly off base. I don't like talking to teachers either. Well all is well & you can relax & destress!

malieta said...

I love your flower album and the different paper patterns are so cool together!
I'm so glad that you met with the proper people and everything is resolved. Good luck to your daughter and I'm very happy for her!

Michelle said...

Good news about your daughter! I love the flower album! Its fabulous!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Good news about your daughter! I love the flower album! Its fabulous!

wandykj said...

Sounds like the problems I've had in the past with the teachers, I don't think they understand that there are parents that really do care about their kids. The teachers I dealt with even made that comment to me. "It is so nice to find a parent that actually helps & cares about their child's education". It made me feel good after I finally got some things taken care with the teachers & they would even email me after our visits too. Glad it's turned out for the best! Tell your son & daughter CONGRADS!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

I know where I live the teachers would be so happy to have parents that were so involved with their child's education.

Your flower pages are very inspiring. I love the look!


Heather said...

Good news about your daughter's AP test and your son's scholarship!

I love this flower album. I'm a sucker for flowers.

Em said...

I just LOVE this flower album, it is just so pretty, def will add to my list of things that I would like to make!

Glad you got your problem sorted for your daughter, what a worrying time for you :(

Ila said...

Your album is Gorgeous!! I love it!!
Glad you got things cleared up with your daughters teacher...I can remember the same type of problems when mine were in stressful!! Take Care!!

Gabby said...

Gosh this is beautiful!!! I MUST make one!!!

Maria...I can't stress enough what wonderful children you have! Your DD taking calculus (though subject may I add!!! scared me to death when I had it) and your DS's scholarship!!! You go girl and celebrate your wait...young adults! My LV also has AP classes and I guess I'm doing something right because she's doing wonderfully! I pray she keeps that up into HS too! God Bless and watch over your young adults!

Giulyana said...

Very nice,lovely flower album!

Wife2TJ said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!! So creative!

Sonia said...

Amazing project... love it!

Greetings, Sonia
Puerto Rico

Ina said...

Good Job! :)