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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tired of the Flowers?

Whoohoo! Another card! Wow, this one was quick! This one was a 15 minute card! I just love it when everything comes together so quickly!

Are you getting tired of the flowers? Yeah, me too! My next card won't be a card with a flower design.

All the designer papers on this card are from my scrap pile! I'm on the roll today!

Okay. . .if you subscribe to my blog and receive updates when ever I post, well. . .you may be annoyed that you'll have a lot of posts today. Sorry about that! I usually receive one post a day from Feedblitz . . .it spools all of my post and sends one update a day. I subscribe to my own blog! LOL! I subscribe to it so I know when there's a problem with Feedblitz.

I received an email from a subscriber that told me that she has been receiving 4 to 5 updates a day from my blog but I, typically, post only once a day so I'm not sure why she received more than one update. Today will be an exception because I'm planning to post my cards as I finish them.

If you are a subscriber to my blog, do you receive more than one update from Feedblitz on a daily basis? If you are. . .I'm not sure why because I usually don't post more than once a day and if I do, I usually receive only one email notice for all my posts.

Can you let me know if you are receiving more than one update a day from my blog site? I would hate to irritate you will all my updates! LOL!

On to my next card! Until later!!


Rita said...

All of your cards today are gorgeous Maria! I have you on Google reader, I love that all my fav blogs are in one site, its easy & great, I highly recommend it!

Both my husband & I could not believe that No country was up for an oscar, we hated the movie & thought it was a horrible film. Guess we think alike along with many others that also hated it. Their were so many other movies that were much better! I didn't like "There will be blood". We just watched "27 Dresses" it was a cute movie, I like it. Can't wait to see the Indie movie & Sex in the City!

Michelle said...

OH! another great card. I've never received more than one update a day from Feedblitz.. I put send at day-end because its always a day behind when I read it

Tracy.H said...

Beautiful! How could anyone get tired of flowers??!! ;0)

Teri said...

Hey Maria, love this card too! The colors are very nice and summery to me. I get only one update per day from you. I started putting everyone on my reader but then never had time to check it so I'm starting to put my faves back on subscription so I won't miss anything :)

malieta said...

Oh no....I'm not tired of flowers...I love them too much! Your card is very pretty and the flowers are beautiful!!
BTW.. I only receive an update once per day.

Manuela said...

I loved the flowers. Pretty card!