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Monday, May 19, 2008

July 4th Card and I've been banned!!

Hi Everyone! Hope y'all are having a wonderful afternoon! This is a picture of my dog Dakota. He is a really sneaky dog. . .very smart but very sneaky and sort of conniving. Here he is chewing up his toy. . .he removed the stuffing from it when he thought no one was looking. . .
Anyway. . .just a July 4th card I made today.
The sentiment "Let's Celebrate" sort of got messed up because I had stuck the velum sentiment on to a dark cardstock and it didn't show up too well. It also has that splotchy look to it but I actually kinda like it. In person, it sort of has a marbled look to it. In the picture. . .well, it didn't translate as well! I don't know. . .I think I'm going to remove it. Yeah, after looking at it. . .I think I will.

Ya' know. . .I've been banned from buying any more craft stuff. My husband said that my spending on craft stuff is getting a bit ridiculous. I know, I know. He said that if I want to buy more stuff, I have to use my own money. Okay. . .now that's a joke because I don't have a real job. LOL!

I didn't argue with him because he is right. I have enough stuff to stock a store. LMAO!! Seriously. . .so, I agreed. Let's see if I can do it. . . .you know, not buy anything for at least 6 months. Yeah, right. Okay. . .that'll be my goal. I will use what I have, be satisfied with what I have, and stop buying stuff that I can't or don't have time to readily use.

You know. . .I'll buy stuff. . .then it sort of goes into a bin and by the time I use it. . .it's like out-dated! Too funny. . .then, because they're out-dated designs, I'll go to the store and buy more current stuff and it sort of goes in a circle. So lame of me. . .but I wasn't upset when I was banned from spending. . .I know he is right and that I buy just to buy. . .you know, just because. Is there a scrapaholic or stampaholic anonymous? I wonder. . ..I think I may have to join!!


malieta said...

Your card is very pretty Maria!
I had to laugh... I have to control my spending also. It's very hard at times but I do try.........:) (I don't think I sounded too convincing)

Rita said...

Luv this card! Ya know I like the marble sentiment as is, gives it a bit of character!

I'll have to join your crafters anonymous right along with you. I've been buying so much stuff that I haven't used yet too because I used the excuse that I needed it for the shower or wedding. Anything for OUR little girl! heheh! Now my spending spree has to stop too for awhile. Think we can do it? I'll go along with you maybe for 5 or 6 months...ya think we can last that long???

Linda said...

You might as well sign me up too. One little secret---I won a few things on different blogs, so now when a package comes in the mail---my husband thinks it is something I won. He thinks I win a lot more than I really do.

2 Worlds said...

My theory is WE just buy if we have money, because I use my money
I just buy when I have money on the account otherwise , nope !
And the few I had I made a commitement to use as much as possible.

Janet said...

OMG! I SO feel your pain. I am sort of in the same boat only I am putting the brakes on myself. I have filled up my stamping room and I don't have room for more! I see new stuff and have to buy it and then it, too, goes in a drawer or on a rack and forgotten. I need to clean out what I have, but I hate to get rid of stuff since I am a major packrat, too. We need to start a Stampers Addiction Anonymous! For real!!!!

Sonya said...

My Shih-Tzu Oreo does the same thing with his toys...rips a hole in them and then digs the stuffing out. When I discover it, the toy goes in the garbage and he looks all sad..hehe

Your dog is too cute!


grandmascraps said...

We can all identify with desire to control our craaft spending, but in reality..that is really hard! If you can do it please share your secret

Ila said...

Fabulous card Maria!! and Cute photo of Dakota!!

If you're starting a self help group up for the spending addiction...let me know....