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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Non-Flower Card! Yay!!

Okay. . .finally a non-flower card! Everything about this card was made use scrap pieces from my scrap pile. Don't forget to scroll down and check out the other 3 cards I made today. I'm really on the roll today! Lately, I've been feeling so "blah" and it feels so wonderful to be able to make more than one card. . .especially cards made with my scraps!

Not to change the subject but . . .if you've been reading my blogs for a while now, you'll know that I love indie films!

Anybody watch "Lars and the Real Girls"? I really thought this was a suprisingly good movie. This movie is a trip because Lars, the main character, had a relationship with a blown up girl. Okay, it's not what it sounds like. . .it's actually a very touching film. The underlying message that I got from this movie was how a community can help heal a person who may have a mental problem by just truly caring for the person and ignoring the quirkiness or strangre behavior that the person may be exhibiting. If you can get past that and truly help the individual by being supportive, you can actually heal the person.

Anyway, if you haven't seen that film . .I do highly recommend it. Another film I do recommend is "There Will Be Blood". It was a very interesting movie. Did any of you see it? Wow, Daniel Day Lewis was REALLY good in this movie. It's no wonder he won the Oscar for this movie. "There Will Be Blood" was far better, in my opinion, than "No Country for Old Men" and I don't understand why "No Country" won for best picture. I didn't like that movie. It was boring in my opinion. It was slow and I just didn't think it would be a movie I would consider for best picture.

Oh. . .did anyone watch "the Diving Bell and the Butterfly"? Argghhh. . .the movie disturbed me. I can't imagine living the life of the main character. It's a nightmarish thought. See the movie and you'll understand what I'm talking about. The movie is a bit slow . . .just to let you know.

Until later!!


Michelle said...

Love the stars! The colors are fabulous! I hated NO Country for Old Men! I haven't seen There Will Be Blood yet. I was looking at the cover in the video store last week. I'll have to rent it.

Andrea, said...

Fabulous card, I love the papers and colour combo.

Deb said...

gorgeous card Maria, love your sketch too!

Maggie said...

Great cards! I need to case your non flower card. Just have so many cards with flowers.
Thanks for all your cards you show us.

Ila said...

Love your card Maria ..the colors and the stars.
Those sound like some good movies..will be looking for them. TFS!

2 Worlds said...

This card is also great as a male card !
Great card !

Teri said...

Love this card! The stars are perfect for this LO.

Em said...

Fab card - love those colours

Mel M. M. M. said...

You are on a roll. Girl you ROCK!!! I know what you mean about flowers: they're my go-to subject. I never get tired of seeing your flowers, though; they always have such stunning pop! :0) (like those sweet orange ones!)

malieta said...

I love your card and the stars are awesome!
I haven't seen either of the movies yet, I'll get around to them though. I have have seen Juno and The Holiday only about 100 times!! hehe