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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Photoshop for Dummies #1 - Blurring Your Background and Enlarging your photo on Blogger

Hi Everyone!! Okay. . .I'm trying to learn a few "basic" Photoshop features. One of them was to blur my background and keeping my foreground sharp. When I took the picture with my Canon Rebel XTi. . .my intention was to have the background blurred but it didn't turn out that way.

I found a website that gave a good tutorial. . .well, what I mean by good is "easy". I tried 4 different tutorials and this one was the EASIEST!! Gawd, the others were like . . .so complicated, being a newbie with Photoshop, I was sooooo confused.

This tutorial is easy to follow and it actually works. It's perfect for a newbie with Photoshop. Click Here for the Tutorial

Anyway, this isn't the best photo but I chose this photo of my daughter randomly to "play" with.

As you can see. . .the background of the picture above is sharp.

Here is the same photo with the background slightly blurred. I didn't want to over blur the background because the picture of my daughter will look like she was pasted on to the picture.

I also found a way to SUPER enlarge your photo on Blogger without distorting the photo and compromising the quality of your photo.

If you drag the corners to enlarge your photo, well, the pixel on your photo will start to show and the quality become distorted.

Here is the link to the tutorial on how to enlarge your photo without compromising the photo: Click Here

With this tutorial, you can have an enlarged photo on your blog that is larger than the max size that Blogger provides.

I wanted to show the background so you can see it but when I originally uploaded on to my blog, the largest size allowed was too small and it didn't show the background as well as I wanted it to. I dragged corners to enlarge it but the quality became distorted and the tutorial I provided allowed me to enlarge the photo and still maintain it's quality.

Anyway, try it out!!

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