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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Card and My Story of the Day!!

Hi Everyone! Here's a random card I made. What I did was close my eyes and pulled a bunch of designer paper from my scrap pile and I HAD to use one of the papers that I pulled out. I play these silly games because otherwise, I'll get all picky and choosy and not use my scraps.

Only the papers and cardstocks are scraps. . .the ribbon, sentiment, and button are not from my scrap pile. None of my embellishments from my scrap pile matched the colors of my cardstock and designer paper.

Do you see the punched border? Well, I had not used my border punch for ages and I mean, ages so I decided to use it and I'm glad I did.

How are you doing reducing your scrap pile? My scrap pile actually grew larger! Arggghhh! I made all those goody box purses and well, the remnants were added to my pile. I just can't get away from it.

I have an interesting story to tell you all. Yesterday I had called a hospital and spoke to the person that heads the volunteer department. I had told her that I make handmade cards and would like to donate a bunch of cards, maybe once a month, to give to patients and was wondering if they had a program that handles donations.

The lady stated that there was no current programs that accepts handmade cards. I told her "well, it don't have to be a program but would they be willing to accept my cards and give them to the patients". She then said "well, we don't have the people to pass them out". I said "well, maybe the cards can be left at the nurses station and when the patient receives their food tray in the morning or during lunch, the nurse could place the card on the tray".

Okay. . .this lady was not receptive at all. She said "the nurses don't have the time to do that. . .they are too busy! and no one has the time to fill out the cards!" I explained that I could write a simple note on each card and all the nurse has to do is give it to the patient!" Nope! The lady was not open to that idea. Sheesh! What a road block!

Okay. . .I'm an RN, I've worked in a much busier hospital than the little hospital in my town. . .I know what a nurse can or cannot do and they HAVE the time to hand a patient a card!!!! Gosh, I got such a cold response. . .brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It sure was chilly having a conversation with this volunteer department!

The conversation ended with her saying "no, we just don't do that kind of stuff"!! Well, I was really put off.

Don't think that this was the only hospital that responded the same way. I actually called three hospitals and all of them sort of "shut me down cold"! LOL! I'm a little shocked by it. I even suggested that I would personally drop the cards off at the nurses station on each unit and they weren't receptive at all.

I decided to call their administrative office rather than talk to the volunteer department. The administrative office was more receptive to the idea and directed me to some one else who could help maybe make it happen. I called the lady but she wasn't in so I'll try again on Monday. We'll see what happens!!

Anyway, that's my story for the day!! Hope y'all have a wonderful day!


Tracy.H said...

Love the card...and love the decorative punched edge!!

Hope you get somewhere on Monday. This is a good idea though. I need to get my butt in gear and do something like this. I know the hospice that my Grandfather was in is a good place or the seniors home that he was in too. I need to start doing some mass producing to get more 'stock'. ;0)

pescbrico said...

Maria, do you know if their is any chapel or praying room or meditating room in the hospital. I know that here, they have people that visit people to talk to them and give them confort and talk with them about God if they want to. My point is, those persons may be much more receptive to do that and in fact would be really happy to do so. It's just an idea... I hate when one of my "plan" does not work, if I'm sure it may give confort to people... Ok another idea... do they have people that goes around the hospital to sell food and drink at lunch time... since they are not working directly for the hospital, they may be more receptive too to offer this at the same time!
Good luck! Keep going, it's a good idea!

Michelle said...

That is such a great idea. Its surprising they didn't jump at the offer. Keep us posted on what you find out.

Bonnie said...

Man ---that really sucks! Not your card....but the roadblocks! Your card is very pretty Maria! Love the randomness of it!

Maggie B said...

Maria, how about a nursing home!
The elderly there would love to get cards that they can send out.
They don't get to go out and shop.
My daughter works in a nursing home and they have some cards for them to use. I have not made up enough cards to donate yet but I intend on doing just that.
Just a thought.

TA Carbone said...

Oh this would be so nice. WWhen I was in the hospital getting chemo every 2 weeks for 4 days each time I wish someone would of handed me a card.

I hope your idea gets through, otherwise look for a chemo treatment in your area and go there as I am sure they would be glad to do this


Mel M. M. M. said...

I love your idea of random scrap picking. I am SO going to try that (it's scary, lol, but sounds fun!) Hope your efforts to give your cards are rewarded by that lady making it easy. You are SUCH a Sweetheart! :0)

Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

Maria, that is so sweet of you for wanting to do that. Yea, you're going to come across some butt heads that probably just had a bad day, or doesn't like her job. But keep going, and you will find an opening and someone that will love your idea. Thank you so much for wanting to make the world a little brighter!!!

Your card is so pretty... my scrap pile keep getting big too - there's no way to lessen it, unless I take a bunch of them, and give them to my SIL. Then I get jealous, cause she makes beautiful cards with them. hmpf!!! LOL!!!

Have a great day and wonderful weekend my friend... take care!!