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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blogger Tip #2 - Side by Side Photo


Have you ever wanted to add side by side photos to your blog? As you can see with the photos above. . .the pictures are side by side as opposed to being tiered down (one picture higher than the other). This is a great way to show "before" and "after" pictures or contrasting photos like I did above. In my photos above, I was playing with Photoshop again. My original photo was blurry and I felt that if I reduced the saturation, the photo can be salvagable. I wanted to show the contrasting difference between the two photo. It's much easier to see the differences of the two photos if they were side by side so I went hunting for tutorial that will help me do this.

I found this blog site that provided the html code and tutorial on how to create a side by side photo. Unfortunately, the html code on this blog site is a "picture" file so you can't cut and paste the code. What I did was to retype the code on "Notepad" on my computer and save it on my computer

Click here for the tutorial. You will need to scroll down to the section that says "Making a table so photos are side by side". I'm not a super computer savy person and I was able to follow the tutorial so try it out and see if it works for you.


Rita said...

I luv that link you posted, thanks for sharing Maria. I have Paint Shop Pro & never use it cause I don't know how & like you I'm a visual person & hate to read about it cause I don't get it! I was thinking of switching to Photo Elements but maybe I won't have to now, we'll see! I use Creative Memories photo software but can't do much with it, you don't have options like you do with reg. photo software.
I see your playing & your doing great!

Heather said...

Thanks Maria! I have often wondered how to do that.

Very interesting comparison of the photos also.

Beth Norman said...

Thanks for the link. I do hope you keep those type of tutorials coming. There's so much to learn on the computer, eh? I'm trying to learn photoshop, publisher, and it's a challenge. I'm moving to Wordpress and that is a beast in itself. Why am I changing? One of the reasons is that I didn't want to run out of free space like you did, so I'm having my website host service look after my Wordpress site for free. It was a pleasure to see your side by side photos.

Anonymous said...

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Tina said...

Maria thank you so much for sharing that with us, i'm sure it will help alot of crafty bloggers... Crafty hugs tina x

Mel M. M. M. said...

Cool idea Maria! You seem super computer savvy to me! :0)

malieta said...

Thank you so much for sharing this informations Maria! I am constantly learning new things about my camera and every bit of advice helps.

tizzie said...

Maria, Great pictures and great ideas. I added you as one of my favorite blogs. Your projects are terrific!