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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blog Candy - Concerts I've Seen Live in Person

Blog Candy Prize
I love mixing scrapbook embellishments and scrapbook paper with my rubber stamped cards so I thought this was a good mix of stuff for a blog candy. I especially love the alphabet chipboards right now so I decided to share some with you!!

I have a blog candy going on my Stampin Inspirations Blog Site but I want readers to this blog site to participate as well! Tell me who you've seen in concert live in person and in parentheses, add a little note about the concert like I did with my list. Lastly, add one band or entertainer you wish you could see in concert.

I'll draw the name of the winner on Wednesday, May 2nd at 6:00 p.m. (PST). I'll post the picture tomorrow. I need to pick out some candy to give away. Just so you don't think I'm a head banging chick! (See my post on Stampin Inspirations). . .I've been to many concerts. I, actually, have a diverse taste in music. Below are concerts I've seen "Live" in person:

Def Leppard (Remember them in the 80s - drummer's one arm was amputated)

Boston ( I was in the 6th Grade)

Rex Smith (haha, don't laugh - do your remember him?) - If you can tell me who Rex Smith is, I'll add an extra goody.

Carole King (Beautiful concert - oldies but goodies)

Janet Jackson (By far the best concert I've been to)

Michael Jackson (Second best concert)

Ozzy Osborne (Not as crazy as people made him up to be - no bird's head was bitten off)

Black Sabbath (Serious rock n roll)

Bon Jovi (Big hair days)

Ted Nuggent (He was Wild)

Bobby Brown (Danced my butt off)

Run DMC (Major jammin')

Celine Dion (Great songs but a real sleeper)

Alanise Morisette

(She was strange, all she did was rock back and forth in one place like she was zoning out and did funny things with her hands)

Switchfoot ( I think the singer was drunk)

Los Lonely Boys (Great rockin' with a latin flavor)

Hootie and Blowfish (Really mellow)

B52s (Not my style)

Train (He did these weird ballet moves - not very rock n roll if you ask me)

Britney Spears (Great entertainer - fun concert)

Destiny's Child - Beyonce Knowles (Sexy that's for sure - great concert)

NSYNC (Fun concert - great choreography)

The Police (It was their "farewell" concert - the last concert before they disbanded - it was a touching concert)

I've seen more concerts but I can't remember all of them right now. They were mainly rock concerts in the 80s.

I'm going to see 30 Seconds to Mars, the Used, Plain White T's, the Bravery, Say Anything, Social Distortion, and more to be announced on X-Fest San Diego on May 20th. Whoohoo! Can't wait to see them!!

The band I wish I could see in concert is GreenDay.

Now it's your turn. . .


Donna Coffeen said...

John Denver (excellent concert just a couple of years before his death).

Diamond Rio (fabulous concert and it was long too).

Sawyer Brown (best concert I have ever seen, best showmanship and very funny too).

Steven Curtis Chapman (outstanding)

Michelle Tumes (I love her music)

Collin Raye (a good concert but he kept us waiting over an hour and then the concert only lasted an hour)

Dallas Holm (I have been to several, all good, but all very similar).

Selah (very enjoyable and low key)

Terri Clark (fair)

Kenny Chesney (good)

Jackie said...

Wow - my list if pretty short.

John Denver (my all time favorite!)

Deep Purple (hard to remember, it was very "smoky" in the auditorium back in the day, but Joe Cocker was the opening act)

I got to listen to Lynryd Skynryd outside a high school dance at the Armory once (I was too young to go) and had NO idea how to pronounce their name at the time. They were a local band then and played proms and homecomings.

Rex Smith - I looked him up online (yes, I cheated) and remember his face but can't honestly recall his songs. He was from Jacksonville, whihc I did not know (I was born and raised in St. Augustine and lived there till 3 years ago).

Pretty boring list, huh?

Toni said...

I've only been to two live concerts!
Max Webster (Canadian band, eons ago when I was a teenager)

Monkees Reunion (what can I say- I loved Davey Jones!)

Cheryl said...

I've seen
1. Bill Cosby (so funny that I laughed so hard I cried)
2. The Beach Boys (love their music)
3. Billy Joel and Elton John (saw them in Philly and the stadium was so big they looked like bugs and the people around us were singing so loudly that I couldn't hear them, so that was my last concert)
You all have gone to some fabulous concerts.

Cris Z. said...

Living in the Milwaukee, WI area every year we have Summerfest! 10 days of morning to evening music, so I've seen alot of people since first going when I was 17! But I'll tell you of the few that I remember the most.
The Oakridge Boys (I was 7 months pregnant and my best friend was playing in the opening band for them, so I got to go back stage and hang out and get my picture taken with them)

New Kids on the Block (my daughter was 8 and I stood in line in a snow storm for hours so I could get tickets)

Gino Vannelli (saw him twice, the second time we got to meet him, nice,nice man)

Garth Brooks (just an energized concert)

kathy said...

elton john( good concert but the ride on the T was death)

Deb G. said...

Wow! This takes me back, but I have seen a few concerts in the past 5 years. (I'm really old!)
I hope it counts in my early years, even though I don't remember much, I finally had to go to treatment to get sober!

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - (John McQuen went to my church, great concert!)

A Day on the Green 1976 -
Rick Derringer
Climax Blues Band
Edgar and Johnny Winter jammed together
Lynyrd Skynyrd (the original!) (Don't remember much, I was 14.)

Ted Nugent - (I think I blacked out)

Dr. Hook - (again, blacked out)

Aerosmith and ACDC - (fantastic!! One of the best! got too drunk later)

Boston and April Wine - (great! another one of the best, got really wasted though)

Foriengner and April Wine - (mostly remember the crazy girl that touched Graham Gray and went psycho)
ZZ Top - (too wasted, remember the cool lightshow under the stage floor).

Beach Boys reunion tour - mid 80's (not my style, left early, got really drunk)

Rick Springfeild - (my first concert after sobering up- I was pretty focused on the people smoking pot in front of me. My uncle went with me, bless him, but it was too loud for him. We finally left early.)

Kathy Tricolli - (Love. love. love her.)

Sandi Patti - (very funny and smart,awesome voice! Moved to tears!)

James Taylor - (by far the best concert I've been to...ever! Early 2000's)

Cher - Farwell tour - (pretty damn good, I enjoyed it immensely!)

Deb G. said...

I forgot to say who I want to go see. I have never really been a fan, but I think poing to a U2 concert would be awesome. I wanted to go see Incubus and Linkin Park, but didn't make it. I think they would be fun to go see, too.

dd2njoy said...

Hey Maria,you've seen alot of concerts,lucky you!
I come from a very small town,therefore no big acts come here,and the big concerts are 8 hrs.away from here.
But I have seen Shania Twain,she comes from our town,it was a really good concert.
And Celine Dion in 96,it was in a smaller arena ,so the show wasn't big at all,but still good,cause I love her.
Alice Cooper,Roch Voisine,Roseanne Cash,Jann Arden,And I'm going to see Celine Dion on the 6th of May for our wedding ann., can't wait!!

Kathy W said...

Seals & Crofts ('70's, mellow)
The Beach Boys (original group)

Cher (LOVED all the costume changes, she is a lot of fun)

Mark Chesnut (at a state fair)

David Mallett (most recent, singer/songwriter, absolutely wonderful folk artist)

Pablo Cruise (early 80's in my college days)

Edna..... said...

I am not sure if I want to post on this :) will definately let you know I am from a different age bracket...but, for possible blog candy we will do a lot, haha.....

The Monkees...Not the reunion tour but the original...It was great..I was 15 or 16 and they were touring with Paul Revere and the Raiders...I had a friend whose uncle worked at the tv station and we got a backstage pass...I thought Mikey Dolen was sooooo "groovey""...I remember we wore mini skirts and white go-go boots ( this attire was all the rage back then after all it was the days of the Hullabalu tv show )

Herman's -so concert...they did not have a plithera of hits....

The Beach Boys.....AWESOME SHOW

The Everly Brothers....

Gene Pitney...what ever happened to him????

Rick Nelson....he was so good looking.....I was so saddened when he died

Bob Seger .....loved this concert..

Then after I got married I mostly went to country fairs,etc.
and for awhile I worked at a theatre where acts performed....

Barbara Mandrell...
Hank Williams Jr...
The Oakridge Boys...
The Statler Brothers....
Martina McBride....
George Strait...
Tim McGraw....
Garth Brooks....
Reba McEntire....
Gretchen Wilson
Faith Hill
Little Big Town...
Blue County....
The Dixie Chicks...
Charlie Daniels....
Josh Gracin.....
Josh Turner....
Buddy Jewel.....
Craig Morgan....
Willie Nelson...
Sarah Evans......
Pam Tillis....
Danielle Peck...
Sugarland.....Wish it would have been with Jon BonJovi....

American Idols tour ...with Ruben Studdard and Clay Akin....

oh yeah !!....I almost forgot JIMMY BUFFET...that is an EXPERIENCE not to be is a PARTY !!!!!!!Before~During~and After the concert.

and being from Indiana, of course I have been to several John Cougar Mellencamp concerts.....

Must not forget the greatest entertainer of all time....Elvis Presley.....UNBELIEVEABLE

And who I want to see.....KENNY CHESNEY

Gracie said...

My most exciting concert ever was THE KING ELVIS!!! Whoops, did I just date my self? Also Johnny Cash, Kenny Rodgers, Barry Manilow, Barbara Mandrell, Louise Mandrell, Dolly Parton, Oak Ridge Boys, Statler Brothers and too many more to mention!

............Aimeslee said...

OMG, Maria, you'll get a kick outa this. I'm 51, so this is going back 20 years for most of them (and the more recent ones were taking my DD, LOL):
The Beatles (I was in the original fan club, too)
Bob Seger
Linda Ronstandt
The Who
The Rolling Stones
Neil Young
Bruce Springsteen
Pat Benetar
Avril Lavigne
Alanis Morisette

Tammy said...

yikes....i don't think i'll be able to remember them all (most of them were in the 80's & early/mid '90's) but here's some i do recall:
prince (FANTASTIC! but it made my mother VERY angry although i was 18 & in college)
rolling stones (1982 or was it '84?)
bryan adams (when summer of '69 was hot)
thompson twins (no, i didn't have the hair)
the cars (right after saying goodbye to my bf who was leaving for france for a year, still can't hear one of their songs w/out thinking about him!)
wang chung (i'm so ashamed!)
elton john (he was wearing a bad hair piece)
nitty gritty dirt band (ooh, lucky me, i got hit on backstage by the band)
stevie wonder
huey lewis
the ramones
numerous concerts at the Gorge in George (washington state) but don't remember most of the bands at those)
WHAM (sigh, they were so pretty and it was a blast!)
that's all i can recall now, haven't thought of concerts in years....who can afford the tickets let alone a sitter for the night?
btw, i didn't see rex smith, but "you take my breath away" was one of the 1st 45's i owned! (and i still have it!)

Cindy Lou Who said...

Do I qualify if I have NEVER EVER been to any concert of any kind? Does the kids schools concerts count? *snort*

I am so green with envy reading all the awesome artisits everyone has seen!

Susan H said...

OK I don't get out much but:
Fleetwood Mac (twice)
Rolling Stones
George Strait (many times)
Indigo Girls
Sarah MacLachlan
Natalie Merchant
Tony Bennett with KD Lang (excellent)
Three Dog Night (my very 1st concert)
Bruce Springsteen
Alan Jackson
Dave Matthews Band
Bonnie Raitt (with John Prine)
Dwight Yoakum (before he hit it)
Jimmy Buffet
Corey Smith (not too famous yet)
and I just got home from seeing Chris Sligh at a local joint!

Carol said...

WOW Concerts... That takes me back

Barry Manilow (back when MANDY was popular) OK so it *dates* me LOL

Colin Ray (great concert)

Elton John (good not the best)

Lover Boy

Bette Midler (awesome love her songs)

Peter, Paul and Mary (love them)

STYX (When they were new saw them at the fair)

Rick Springfield (before he was a singer. He was on stage talking about being in General Hospital)

John Denver (Great)

Sawyer Brown (He puts on a great show!!)

Seals & Crofts (good concert)

Bill Cosby (VERY funny man loved him)

I know I am missing some but I am *old* LOL

The person I would have LOVED to see was ELVIS. A friend had tickets but the bum took someone else (how rude!!)

I would love to see hmmmm let me think.... REO Speedwagon and STYX in concert together. I would also like to see Fleetwood Mac Carol :o)

Patricia said...

Fleetwood Mac...(in my highschool years!)
Styx (in my wild days)
Billy Joel (with my husband, awesome!)

Janasvox said...

OK, Maria, I couldn't pass this one up...

The Police, Eddie Money and INXS all one Saturday in Fresno. (Aside from Eddie being too drunk to remember the words, it was totally cool!)

Joan Jett, Loverboy, Air Supply Another Sautrday in Fresno (It was an outdoor concert series. Joan Jett kicked Fanny and the lead guitarist for Air Supply played his guitar upside down -left handed, but with the strings on for a right handed person, really wierd.)

U2 --easily the coolest ocncert I have ever seen!

Cyndi Lauper

Madonna (Like a Virgin Tour..what can I say? It was the 80's, and my boyfriend's dad was the head of the convention bureau so we were able to see all the bands)

Bon Jovi -those are some SKINNY guys

MIchael W. Smith and Amy Grant (they still sound the same after all these years)

Chicago (Chicago 18 tour)

The Wiggles--hey, it's a concert!

Mercy Me - FABULOUS!!

OH! And Duran Duran: They all came out in white T-SHirts, 501's and White Nike's with red swooshes...I was wearing the same thing and felt like a groupie.

Numerous other low key bands and artists, but those were my favorites...

Emily said...

Let's see...

First - Def Leppard (a good band to start with - lots of fun!)

Metallica (loud, and I saw them prior to developing an appreciation for their music. Pity.)

Steve Miller Band (VERY cool!)

Charlie Daniels (Devil Went Down to Georgia & kicked butt!)

Clumsy Lovers (small band, very fun).

Dave Matthews Band (crappy acoustics in the Salt Lake City Delta Center. If I could have heard it, I'm sure it would have been a great concert!)

Howard Jones - twice. (His acoustic stuff is FANTASTIC! Lots of his old stuff, easy to sing along to, he's super fun.)

I think that's about it!

Jules KK said...

Loverboy (My first concert! Back up was Heuy Lewis and the News!)

Police (Message in a Bottle Tour - very cool lighting show)

James Taylor (growing up in NC - he was my hometown boy - saw him about 5 times)

Bruce Springsteen (got tickets after they set the stage up and realized they could sell a couple hundred more seats! Really lucked out!)

Elton John/Billy Joel (big tour when in college - lots of fun! Elton still wore those crazy outfits and glasses)

Jimmy Buffet (absolutely the most fun concerts to go to! Been to about 4 of his! Blossom twice, Hollywood Bowl once and The Pavilion? in NC)

Garth Brooks (always a fun one - love, love, love The Dance! Seen him 3 times!))

Grateful Dead (Not a deadhead but went with some to the concert - it was free for me! Acutally a great concert - fun to watch the people attending as much as the band))

Tim McGraw (Best seat was behind the stage to catch a glipse of his best "ass"et - went twice!)

Faith Hill w/Tim (I like Faith but I was there mostly for Tim!)

U2 (Probably one of the best concerts ever)

Rolling Stones (Arena tour - OK - those guys are getting too old to perform the way they once did)

Kenny Chesney (Garth Brooks reloaded - lots of fun!)

Barenaked Ladies (These guys are a hoot! Pulled people on stage to sing and play with them!)

Nine Inch Nails (Not my type of music by hubby got invited with a client in a loge - sat and talked to the ladies all night)

Gretchen Wilson (actually was the back-up for Kenny but she was very good)

High School Musical Concert (Can you tell I have a young daughter?)

Hootie and the Blowfish (saw them in a small bar in Charlotte before they hit it big - it was tons of fun!)

I know there are a couple more I've forgotten.

I'm going to the Kenny Chesney Flip Flop Summer tour in Browns Stadium this summer with Brooks and Dunn, Sarah Evans and Sugarland! Can't wait. I'm taking my daughter for her first "real" concert experience. HSM didn't count! We are huge Sugarland Fans!)

I'd love to go to the CMAs - not really a concert but would be a blast beyond belief!

Jimilona said...

Eddie Money (he was drunk)
38 Special (Eddie opened for them)
Neil Diamond (Good)
Elton John (Great)
The Eagles (Awesome)
Pink Floyd (Awesome)
Dave Matthews (At Mesa Amphitheater twice before the band made it big)
Big Head Todd and the Monsters (At Mesa Amphitheater - Dave Matthews opened Love these guys)
Don Williams (Great)
Eric Clapton (Awesome)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (okay)
Ted Nugent (Great)
Taylor Dayne (okay)
Can't remember any others!

jimilona said...

Okay, I remember some more now.

Charlie Daniels (Great concert)

Bill Cosby (Awesomely funny! It was cut short because he had the flu. I remember his albums my brother owned when I was a kid)

Jimmy Buffet (It was cold and outdoors)

Bill Maher (SUCKED)

Elayne Boosler (Upraoriously funny)

Jan Leno (Really good)

Gallagher (Twice - the second time he had just divorced, and his venom toward his ex, and women in general, was quite apparent)

Drew Carey (Very funny)

thfishie said...

Donny & Marie (My mother's choice)

Lee Greenwood (Only due to my patriotism)

Metallica (Y2K concert in Detroit we were afraid the place was going to loose power)

Ted Nugent (Waaaaaaaaaay too loud)

The Waifs (Folk/blues mis very good)

Oz Fest-Marilyn Manson, Korn & Ozzy (Too long of a day and too hot. Loved the gian MM head it was funny. Korn rocked.)

Flogging Molly (Totally rocks! My favorite)

I like to go to Irish rock festivals as I we can go as a family.

I really really really want to see The Rolling Stones in concert.

Trini said...

George Winston(wonderful pianist)
Billy Joel (while in college~great performer)
B52's (small concert~great people to meet, versy personable)
Bruce Springsteen (FIRST Concert ever..saw while on tour in Europe)
James Taylor x3 (you can never get enought of him!!!)

WOULD pay and arm and a leg to see Peter Gabriel in concert

kathy said...

Sawyer Brown (awesome energy!)

LOTS of country artists over the years at Country Jam, USA, but the most memorable by far--Clint Black-got to go backstage to meet him!!!

I would love to see Casting Crowns in concert!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't even begin to list the whole list, but I will point out my highlights:

Matchbox 20 (about 7 times)
Linkin Park (about 6 times)
Korn (about 6 times)
Limp Bizkit (about 8 times)
Puddle of Mudd
N Sync
Backstreet Boys
Justin Timberlake
The Monkees (my first concert ever!)
Avril Lavigne
30 Seconds to Mars (about 8 times)
Casting Crowns (I did see them--great!)

Of all those (which were only my favorites--my actual list, last time I tried to actually keep track was at about 300 shows!) I would have to say that LP, MB20, and 30STM were my favorite favorites! I can't choose just one! But, if you have a chance to see any of those I listed, I HIGHLY suggest all of them!!


Fran M said...

Tony Bennett (It was night we didn't want to end back in the 60's); and Josh Groban (Absolutely fabulous with his huge sound and muscians).

Angela H. said...

I live in a small town so you really have to drive to see a concert. I have seen the Beach Boys it was Fun,Fun Fun! I also liked Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamond-showing my age aren't I ha!