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Friday, April 27, 2007

Daily Special - Paper Piecing Mixed Media Cards

After a week of having the poll up and and 217 participants vote, it appears that most of the voters feel I should incorporate my paper-craft/paper piecing cards and scrapbooking projects in to my current rubber stamping blog sites. I will close the poll and take your choice into consideration and will start posting those types of cards on to my Card Inspired Blog site. Thank y'all for taking the time to vote! I appreciate it!

When I first started rubber stamping, I made mixed media and collage cards. Because scrap embellishments were expensive, whenever I sold the cards I had to compensate for the cost of the materials and noticed that the cards would not sell as well as the rubber stamped "cutie" cards that I made. Considering it was not cost effective, I made less and less of the mixed media cards. Unfortunately, I have a TON of scrapbook embellishments sitting and waiting to be used.
I've always found the expectations of buyers of handmade cards quite interesting. When it comes to the cost of handmade cards, a lot of times, they feel it should be "cheap" because they are handmade. Store bought cards range from $4 to $6 but many buyers will buy a store bought card for that amount and hesitate to purchase a handmade, 3D, artwork for more than $2.00.

Store cards are pumped out in a matter of seconds out of a printing machine and there's hundreds of the same card sold in stores. There's no depth or character to the cards. . .just a bunch of ink. Handmade cards, on the other hand, can at times take hours to make, the card is one of a kind and carefully and at time painstakingly made with expensive designer papers and embellishments. I don't understand why a buyer would even think that it's too expensive if the card cost $5.00. In my opinion, $5.00 is cheap for a well made card. Oh, well. . The handmade card business is not at all a lucrative business. Luckily, I love making cards regardless. .

Anyway. . .here are a few cards I made using scrapbook embellishments and papers.

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