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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Random Cards - Prismacolor Pencils w/Gamsol vs Watercolor Pencils w/Gamsol

Janie (a reader) asked me if Watercolor Pencils can be substituted for Color Pencils when using Gamsol as a blending medium. The answer is yes. I wrote a detailed commentary in regards to this subject on my Stampin Inspirations blog site so I won't go over it again.

I do want to show examples of the differences or lack of differences when using the two coloring medium. The picture to the left was colored with Stampin Up Watercolor Pencils with Gamsol. The card below was colored with Prismacolor Pencils with Gamsol.

As you can see, there isn't much of a difference in the results. In person, the Prismacolor Pencils appeared a little deeper in color but it may be a result of a darker colored pink pencil that I used as opposed to the actual quality of the medium. Watercolor pencils do result with a "flatter" or "duller" appearance to the image but it can be remedied by adding more watercolor medium on to your image. Although, when the color is spread out or blended with Gamsol, the pigmentation becomes less and less vibrant and begin to appear duller. With colored pencils the effect is less noticeable.

The image on this card was colored with Prismacolor Pencils with Gamsol. I won't go into the card detail of the cards but the stamp used was a stamp by Great Impressions #E416. I really love this image. It's so cute.

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Mrs Adept said...

I loooooooove these cards. Very nice.