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Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Cards - Post Cleaning Cards

Yay! My craft is clean again! I decided not to re-organize it, just clean it. I was so happy to have a clean room, I was motivated to make a bunch of cards. In the process of cleaning, I found a bunch of images that I've colored in the past and stored for future use. Because my room was so messy, I didn't know where they were and yay! I found a bunch of already colored images for me to work with.

I colored the images using pastel on glossy paper and enhanced it with Stickle glitter. I feel pastels are the easiest coloring medium than any color medium BUT only when colored on glossy cardstock. Although I love coloring with color pencils with Gamsol, it's time consuming. Coloring with pastels on glossy paper is so much faster BUT because glossy paper is much more expensive than cardstock, it's best to use it with images that you really like.

I bought bundles of glossy paper from this seller on Ebay and I took it for granted that this seller would be around forever. She sold her glossy cardstocks in large bundles for a very, very cheap price. I'm really bummed that she closed her Ebay store. I can't find another seller who sells glossy cardstock at her price. In the past I used the glossy cardstock quite liberally but now that I no longer have that seller to buy from, I had to find an alternative method to color my stamped images.

By the way, my least favorite coloring method is watercoloring. The results are not vibrant enough for me and I really hate when the cardstock warps. I also hate having to wait for it to dry. The only time I watercolor is when I use Twinkling H20. . .for those who don't know what they are, they're little tubs of sparkly watercolor (watercolor mixed with mica powder) and the results are BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately, they're EXPENSIVE. They run about $24.00 for a set of 12 of the small 0.5 oz tubs. Your local rubber stamping store usually have a few in stock. JoAnn or Michaels don't sell them. You can also find them online or on Ebay. Below is a picture of Twinkling H2O made by Luminarte, Inc.

Anyway, I really love the background paper I used on the two cards I made so I wanted to keep the layering to a minimum. I wanted the background paper to be a focal point more than anything else. It's scrapbook paper by DCWV called "Pocket Full Of Posies". It comes in a value pack and is sold at JoAnns. It's thick paper similar to cardstock, the patterns are beautiful and they're glittered. BEAUTIFUL!! Whenever they are on sale, I buy a stack of them. They sometimes are on sale for $9.99 for a stack of (48) 12 x 12 sheets. Below is a picture of the scrapbook paper by DCWV

I'm not going to give the card details on this card because I don't know the name brand of the stamp or the cardstock. The only detail I can give you is on the aforementioned background paper.

The sentiment stamp on the card to the left is a stamp by PSX and the metal embellishment is by Colorbok.

I'll do a tutorial on pastels on glossy cardstock sometime this week. There's nothing to it but I'll do a tutorial on it anyway.

Try out the sketches! They're very straight forward and simple layouts. I'll post the other cards I made later today! I also created another project using envelopes and I'll do a tutorial on it when I have a chance.

I did an envelope project a few days ago and posted the tutorial on my Stampin Inspirations blog site but forgot to note it on this blog site.

Click Here for the #10 Envelope Tag/Pocket Tutorial

1 comment:

Allison said...

Love these...and I just snagged some of that paper from one of my friends!