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Friday, April 20, 2007

Random Card - Prismacolor Markers

I was suppose to post the card before my last post but forgot to take a picture of it and me being lazy, decided to post about something else.

This was suppose to be a continuation of my post yesterday in regards to Prismacolor Markers. I colored the bear with the markers and right now, it's my favorite color medium. The problem with markers is well, they tend to run out faster than other mediums.

Anyway, I highly recommend the markers. It's difficult to see it in the picture because unfortunately, I took a blurry picture of the card but parts of the bear have a highlighted appearance.

How did I do that with markers? Prismacolor has a blender pen that can be used to remove or dull a bit of the marker color to give your images a bit of a highlight. Without highlights and shading, your images appear "flat". Anyway. . .

On a personal note, I feel a little depressed today. It's raining, the sky is grey, and I just don't do well in this sort of weather. I mean. . .I don't dislike rainy days, just that it dampers my mood. I've always been this way. I'm alone in the house today and the house is way too quiet. I don't mind being by myself. . .I actually love my own company but when it's quiet and dark, it brings me down.

Okay. . .enough of the woes me stuff! I'm going to turn on my stereo and listen to some rockin' music to brighten my melancholy mood! Rockin' music always make me brighten up - especially my favorite band "30 Seconds to Mars"!! Yay!

Until later. . .

1 comment:

Kathy W said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog through a lot of "blog tagging". I like the way you show the card sketch that your card came from. One of my goals is to practice shading in my coloring. It looks like you have a lot to share here; I'm glad I found your site!