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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The History of My Blog Name "Card Inspired"

LadyDiana commented on my previous post that my blog tile should be called "Cards Inspired" as opposed to "Card Inspired". Here is a little bit of history as to how I came up with the title.

When I first discovered rubber stamping, I wanted to have a trademark signature for my cards. Because a card that I create is an individual card, "cards" did not fit the signature. Later, when I became more involved in card making, I wanted to start a home business of selling handmade cards and I needed a name for my business. Because I signed the back of the cards "Card Inspired by Maria", I wanted to match my business name with my signature. My husband obtained a license to own the name "Card Inspired by Maria". That is the reason why my blog name is called "Card Inspired by Maria".

As you can see, my watermarks are "Card Inspired" and it's fitting because it applies to a picture of a single card as opposed to a picture of multiple cards. BUT, because I make more than one card in reference to this blog site, technically, it should be called "Cards Inspired" rather than "Card Inspired".

I'll stick to "Card Inspired by Maria" because the name is licensed for me to use exclusively.

Until later. . .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like how you came up with your blog name :) Pretty clever!!

When you said, "My husband obtained a license to own the name "Card Inspired by Maria".

What "license" would you be talking about... are you referring to a business license?