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Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Craft Room is a MESS!

It disturbs me to be in this craft room of mine. Cardstock on the floor, rubber stamps thrown in boxes, no space on my desk to stamp . . .it's driving me insane to even step into this crazy room. I'm not sure what happened but I've stopped cleaning my craft room on a regular basis. I feel this room is a reflection of me and right now, it ain't pretty.

I will be on hiatus for a few days so that I can clean and organize my craft room. How can one create something beautiful when surrounded by chaos? I don't know about y'all but I just can't. It disturbs me.

Haha, I know I'm sounding a bit dramatic but basically, I can't stand the messiness . . .everything is sort of EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, I bought a bunch of new stuff and it's sort of accumulated in the hall way because I can't find a place to put them. Hopefully, I can finish cleaning up by Tuesday. Yes, it'll take a few days.

Jus' wanted to let y'all know that I may or may not be posting anything new until my room is cleaned up.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Until later. . .


Bonnie Weiss said...

I don't know about you, Maria, but I actually enjoy cleaning-up and reorganizing. It's like a new start ... it looks so good when you are finished and usually you feel more inspired.

Tammy said...

enjoy the cleaning and especially the's cathartic! bring on the creativity

Cindi winter said...

I also need to be clean and organize to get things done however it seems i do more cleaning and reorganizing than crafting sometimes. But have fun cleaning and we will then be excepecting something spectacular from all catheridic cleaning.

Michelle said...

I can't remember a day when I DIDN'T need to clean up and reorganize my studio! LOL!

But I do hope you get it done soon. I'm looking forward to more of your lovely creations.