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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tutorial on a Fun Shaker Card on my Stampin Inspirations Blog Site

I did a tutorial on a "Fun Shaker Card"on my Stampin Inspirations Blog Site so go check it out. If I have the time, I'll create a sample for this blog site and link the tutorial.

Thank you for all your comments on my "just wondering if anybody reads my blog" post. There's times when I don't feel like writing anything but I sometimes feel I have to add a commentary to accommodate my pictures and sketches. It's more to fill up space, I suppose.

There's days when I just feel like writing about whatever that's going on in my life and that's more for my personal motivation . . .like a diary but I always feel I have to explain how I created the card for every post. Most of the time, the pictures are self-explanatory but I'll write about it anyway.

For those who read my posts, thank you for your interest. I'll continue to write how I created the cards and the materials used but there's days when I'll just give a brief commentary. If you have any questions, I welcome any questions you have. Just email me and I'll answer your question as best I can.

Now back to making cards. See y'all later. . .

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