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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Found a Stamping Buddy

Whoohoo! I found a stamping buddy. I've lived in Temecula for 1 year now and I was at lost as to how to find someone to stamp with. I thought the only way was to attend workshops or stamp camps but I didn't want to pay a fee just to stamp with people. I tried to get my neighbor to become interested in it but she didn't take me up on my offer. In Hawaii, I had co-workers, friends, family but since I'm not working yet, well. . .it's pretty difficult to find someone who may be interested in stamping. I asked the girl who works at the Hawaiian restaurant near my home if she rubber stamped and she said that she just don't have the time. Okay.

Rubber stamping don't require other people. . .I mean you don't need a group of people to make cards but sometimes others have ideas or inspirations that may be helpful and it's like any activity, it's much more enjoyable doing it with others.

Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts.

Until later. . .

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