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Saturday, November 04, 2006


I have a special order to make 5 cards. Unfortunately, the images are very detailed and require very detailed coloring. I colored all the images and all went well. I began to apply the glitter and glaze over the image. That's when the horror began.

First, the glitter began smearing the ink and the outline began to look like a blur of black something. Ahhhhhhh! So. . .I restamped portions of the image on a different type of cardstock. I thought it could have been possibly the card stock that caused the glitter to bleed the ink. I recolored the images, cut out portions of the images that I wanted to use to cover up the "mess". I re-attached them to the areas I wanted to covered up.

At this point I began to notice that the cardstock that I had stamped the images began to look a little warped. I didn't think anything of it at first. I thought if I attached a mat they would straighten out. So I matted all the images. . .and continued to press forward.

I completed the cards and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! areas of the image began to unglue off the mat and began warping again. I would press one end and the other side would pop off the mat. I couldn't believe it. I kept smoothing them down with my fingers with no succes.

I decided to give up and start over this time using heavier cardstock in hopes the cardstock would not warp and bleed. Well, I've completed the coloring, applying the glitter and glaze and I started to notice the images bleeding again. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. The bleeding weren't as bad as the other ones that I decided to continue forward.

Anyway. . .I'm finally complete with the third attempt and I hope this time will be the last time. We'll see when it dries. . .I'll update on my next post.

Till later.


Here are the cards. These are the fixed cards but imagine the detail work I had to redo. . .it's no wonder I was frustrated.

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