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Monday, November 20, 2006

Lazy Stamper

I consider myself a lazy stamper. I'm not big on technique. I make cards with very little focus on the technique. . .it's whatever comes to mind. I have difficulties following instructions and I have very little patience for them so I tend to do what I want. Besides, creativity should come from within and your willingness to explore on your own.

Interestingly, I've created cards and people would ask me what technique I used and I'll say "what technique?" or they'll say "oh, you used so and so technique". . .I'm like, "wow, really". . .I thought it was something I did all on my own. . .I didn't know someone already claimed the technique and actually named it. Oh, well.

I've seen many cards using various techniques and I love them but I just can't get myself to take the time to read up on whatever techniques were used. I'm sure if I did, I could create very beautiful cards. I think for the new year, I'll work on techniques and create one card a week using a different technique each time.

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