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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Product Review - Versamark Ink

Versamark ink is a very versatile ink pad. Here are a list of techniques you can do usingVersamark ink.

  • 1. Ink up the stamp of your choice with the versamark. Now, without cleaning the stamp, ink it up with a color of dye ink of your choice. Stamp, use the desired translucent or clear powder of your choice. And heat. This will not hurt your colored ink pad.

  • 2. Batik technique — simply stamp your image using versamark on ultrasmooth white or confetti or some other light cs and then emboss with clear embossing powder. Let cool. Then gently wad paper into a ball or you could fold it into a small square for a different look. Unfold it and smooth it out. Place it on a towel and wet with water so the paper is very damp. Next ink your brayer with a kaleidacolor pad and brayer across the paper. The image will stay white while the ink will seep into cracks and the rest of the paper will have a batik look.

  • 3. Brayer resist- this technique can be done with gold encore or versamark pads. Stamp the image onto glossy white card stock using one of these pads (you can also use matte card stock, but it works better with glossy). Gently wipe away the ink using a lotion-free tissue and small circular motion. Ink up your brayer and roll it over the paper. Wherever the versamark ink was stamped, the paper will resist the colored ink from your brayer.

  • 4. Cleaner- rub on your craft & rubber scissors and it will keep them from getting all gunky with sticky stuff.

  • 5. Clear emboss resist — use it with clear embossing powder on white, vanilla, naturals, confetti, kraft or any soft colored paper. Then sponge over the clear embossed image and watch it pop out.

  • 6. Discreet journaling lines- although the versamark ink is sticky when applied, it dries like regular ink and looses its stickiness. It is acid-free and safe for scrapbooking. It works perfectly on all colored cardstock.

  • 7. Emboss with your dye ink pads - ink your stamp with versamark, then stamp on a dye ink pad. Stamp and use clear embossing powder. Heat. You have now created perfectly coordinated with the markers and card stock. Don't forget to clean your stamp before re-inking on versamark pad or you will leave color on the pad.

  • 8. Embossing brads — another great use for versamark... Take a brass fastener, pinch it in a clothes pin, dip the head in versamark, then dip in embossing powder, heat with heat gun, while powder is still wet, dip again in embossing powder & heat one last time. After it cools down you will have a nice enamel type colored coating on your fastener.

  • 9. Embossing on glass- use the embossing buddy first, then use the versamark to stamp the image on a glass container, then emboss with detail gold or silver. Fill it with candy and tie a ribbon on it.

  • 10. Embossing- use it as an embossing pad with any colored embossing powders.

  • 11. Full coverage embossing — brayer with the versamark over a stamped image and use Stampin Up glassy glaze embossing powder. This will give you an all over gloss. Repeat till it is the thickness you want.

  • 12. Glossy card stock resist- stamp on glossy paper and then brayer over the top with a kaleidacolor pad . This is called resist.

  • 13. Heat & stick — use it with heat and stick powder to add glittery glitz or flocking to any project.

  • 14. Poly shrink — use it on poly shrink projects. After you shrink your item press it into the versamark pad. Add the clear or transluscent powder of your choice and heat. Repeat till you get the thickness and look you want.

  • 15. Poppin' pastels- stamp with the pad and then rub pastels over the it. The versamark will hold the pastel and "pop" it out.

  • 16. Preserving children's hand prints — versamark is a great pigment ink to use on little kids' hands to make embossed hand prints, because it is clear and cleans up easily. Grown-ups should do the embossing of the sweet little hand prints since the powder can be messy and the heat gun is hot. But let the little ones watch their handprint turn to gold or silver before their eyes — they love it! And i'm sure you can imagine how the moms, dads, or grandparents will love their precious one's little handprint preserved in gold!

  • 17. Pullin' pastels- rub your pastels over the dark card stock. Then stamp your desired image over the top of that. It will pull the pastel off and leave the image behind.

  • 18. Reverse pastels- use brightly colored chalk to cover dark colored card stock, and then stamp over the chalked area. The ink will pull out the color of the paper from beneath the chalk.

  • 19. Shadowing- this is a technique to use with kaleidacolor pads and word stamps but you can use it for anything really. Just stamp directly over your first image. Because you will seldom be exact you will make a shadow that gives the initial image a 3-d effect. You can even take it a step further and emboss with a translucent powder like pearl or iridescent ice.

  • 20. Soot stamping — hold glossy card stock over an oil lamp with the flame turned up high to leave deposits of soot on it. Using a clean stamp, ink it with the versamark pad and then stamp on the soot. The stamp removes the soot and leaves a bit different effect than if you stamp with just the bare rubber. Be sure to clean stamp in between each time you stamp on your soot project so you won't get any of it on your vm pad. You must then spray with a fixative.

  • 21. Versa mark and pearl ex powder resist. Use vera mark to stamp on dark colored card stock then brush over image with pearl ex powders. Seal with clear sealer.

  • 22. Versamark and 2-step stampin'- stamp the image first with versamark pad and then with metallic (encore). Just shift a little bit when stamping the metallic ink. This creates a shadowed look.

  • 23. Versamark is for kids!! Versamark is a great kid's inkpad. Just let the little ones stamp their little hearts out without ever worrying about an ink mess on those precious little hands or faces or table . . . Or anything else for that matter! It doesn't stain the wood on the stamps either. Encourage your young ones to watch for the "magic ink" . . . Just a second of waiting and they will see the image magically appear. This is great for elementary students in a classroom sitting too.

  • 24. Watermark- stamp it on paper and you will have a watermark. This is very subtle, but lovely, on black white or vanilla paper as well as all of the other colors.

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