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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Glittered Window

I really enjoyed making this card mainly because it was quite easy. I like making cards that are easy to create but appears difficult and a lot of hard work went into it. The glittered window is one of those techniques that looks complicated but really is not.


Tools and Materials:

Red Cardstock
Green Cardstock
White Cardstock
2 different patterned scrapbook paper
Clear glitter
Clear packing tape
Gold metallic cord
Belt buckle die cut (optional)
1 inch circle punch
2 inch circle punch
Small hole puncher
Ornament rubber stamp that will fit in a 2 inch circle window
Black dye ink
Red and green markers
Transfer tape
Foam tape


  • Create a card base using red or green cardstock 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches
  • Cut a scrapbook paper to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches
  • Cut 2 ribbons 4 inches and 3 inches long
  • Attach a belt buckle die cut or whatever type of belt buckle you have (opitonal) to each end of the ribbon as shown in the picture. If you don't have a belt buckle, simply tie the two ends together to create a small bow.
  • Tape the exposed ends of the ribbon to the back of the scrapbook paper keeping the buckle or bow portion slightly to the right of the scrapbook paper (see photo)
  • Glue on to card base
  • Punch a tag using a 1 inch circle punch and rubber stamp a sentiment
  • Punch a hole at the top and insert a gold metallic cord
  • Attach to the bow or belt buckle as show in the picture
  • Set aside

  • Cut a 3 x 3 inch scrapbook paper (different design) and mat over a green cardstock about 1/8 inch larger around the edge.
  • Punch two holes to left corner
  • Insert two ribbons to each hole and tie them
  • Glue on to top half centered of the other scrapbook paper (see photo)

  • On a white glossy 2 1/3 x 2 1/3 cardstock, rubber stamp ornament in the center with dye ink
  • Color image with pastels
  • Outline ornament with green and red markers
  • Mat on green cardstock about 1/8 inch larger around the edge
  • Set aside

Glittered Window instruction:

  • Cut a red cardstock by 2 1/3 inch squared
  • Punch a 2 inch circle in the center
  • Using the clear packing tape, tape over the circle completely exposing the sticky side on one side of the cardstock center
  • Apply clear glitter over the exposed sticky side
  • Punch small holes to all four corners of the cardstock
  • Insert brads
  • Apply adhesive to edge of the cardstock (exposed glitter side up- meaning apply the adhesive to the side that you see the tape and not the side where the glitter is exposed)
  • Attach to matted image - align exactly to the white cardstock
  • Attach the whole designed image over the 3 x 3 inch matted scrapbook paper using foam tape

I know it sounds complicated but when you are actually doing it, it's really not complicated. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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