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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Daily Special - Technique Day - Rubber Stamping with Large Stamps

Do you have problems stamping with large or background stamps? Do you have difficulties with complete coverage of the ink on your images? Today's daily special is Technique Day and the tutorial below shows a simple way to ink and rubber stamp large or background stamps.

Ink you image with the stamp image turned upwards facing you. Tap the ink pad on to the rubber and apply pressure as you distribute the ink on to the rubber. Next, rub the ink from side to side and again tap the ink pad on to the rubber. By doing this, it will distribute the ink throughout the whole image without missing a spot.

Carefully, place your cardstock over the inked rubber stamp. Start placing the cardstock from the left side first, while holding the cardstock down as you continue to lay down the cardstock on to the inked image. This is to insure that the cardstock don't move after you place the cardstock down.

Place a piece of paper over the cardstock and the rubber stamp.

Hold down the paper with your left hand and press down from left to right to ink the cardstock with your right hand (my left hand is not showing because I'm taking the picture with it but otherwise, one hand would be holding down the paper) The paper allows you to press down on the cardstock and prevents the cardstock from moving around. If anything would move, it would be the paper. It also allows you to press down without worrying about accidently inking your hand.

If pressing down with you hand is difficult or uncomfortable, use a brayer and roll over the cardstock. When completely inking the cardstock, slowly raise the cardstock from one end and lift upwards.

When completed, you should have a clean image with all areas of the image inked.
Practice a few times. This technique works with both large background stamps and large images.
Happy Stamping!

1 comment:

Emily said...

I read your blog every day and learn so much from you! The advice on coloring with pencils was SO useful, and this tutorial was great! I would never have thought to put the paper on the stamp rather than the other way around. Thank you!